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22 July Review: Paul Greengrass Delivers Another Intense Docudrama. Despite some general storytelling issues, Greengrass succeeds in delivering another well-crafted and intelligent docudrama-thriller with 22 July.

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22 July follows the Greengrass you-are-there approach as it re-enacts the 2011 massacre of 77 people in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik, (Anders Danielsen Lie is terrifying in his controlled.

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22 July is a 2018 Norwegian crime drama film about the 2011 Norway attacks and their aftermath, based on the book One of Us: The Story of a Massacre in Norway — and Its Aftermath by Åsne Seierstad. The film was written, directed and produced by Paul Greengrass and features a Norwegian cast and crew. It stars Anders Danielsen Lie, Jon Øigarden, Thorbjørn Harr, Jonas Strand Gravli, Ola G.

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22 July review – Paul Greengrass's potent Anders Breivik docudrama. like a very classy TV movie. It doesn’t have the radical simplicity, audacity and power of his 2006 film United 93.

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22 July review – Paul Greengrass's searing account of Anders Breivik's mass murder 5 / 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars. Drama and journalism meet in this brave and masterly film about the 2011 massacre.

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22 July takes a helicopter view of a terrifying, unthinkable tragedy, perhaps flying too high to capture all the nuance, complexities and emotion. Still it has great stretches and a terrific performance by Anders Danielsen Lie. Read full review

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22 July; 22 July Review. Movies: 22 July; After killing eight people with a car bomb, far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik (Anders Danielsen Lie) drives two hours to a summer camp on the.

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But 22 July, which Greengrass adapted from the book One of Us by the Norwegian journalist Åsne Seierstad, is a patient, long-form piece, beginning 24 hours before the event and running all the.

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But “22 July,” the Greengrass film that premiered at the Venice Film Festival last month, is a movie not about the moment, but about the aftermath. Make no mistake, “22 July” is also.

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Christopher Campbell; October 12, 2018 '22 July' Review: A Difficult Movie for Difficult Times The latest true-tragedy thriller from Paul Greengrass balances the aftermath of the 2011 Norway.

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Directed by Paul Greengrass. With Anders Danielsen Lie, Jonas Strand Gravli, Jon Øigarden, Maria Bock. A three-part story of Norway's worst terrorist attack in which over seventy people were killed. 22 July looks at the disaster itself, the survivors, Norway's political system and the lawyers who worked on this horrific case.

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Greengrass has tackled this kind of torn-from-the-headlines material before, with Bloody Sunday, United 93 and (to a lesser extent) Green Zone giving the filmmaker license to re-enact the gritty, horrifying information on the very worst humanity has to offer, inside a manner that’s almost utilitarian anyway. 22 July is a filmic dossier of.

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In 22 July, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips, United 93) tells the true story of the aftermath of Norway's deadliest terrorist attack. On 22 July 2011, 77 people.

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In Norway, ‘JULY 22’ is their 9/11 — the day that scarred the nation’s psyche. Seven years on, some say it’s still too soon for dramatisation, yet two films have been made nevertheless.

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Movie Review – 22 July (2018) October 7, 2018 by Robert Kojder. Share 10. Tweet. Reddit. Flip. Pin. 10 Shares. 22 July, 2018. Written and Directed by Paul Greengrass.

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New York City air traffic controller Dylan Branson (MICHIEL HUISMAN) is the embodiment of a guy at the top of his game, until one day at 2:22pm, a blinding flash of light paralyzes him for a few.

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Parents need to know that 22 July is a docudrama about the tragic events that took place in Norway in 2011, when a Norwegian terrorist massacred 77 people, most of them teens at an island summer camp. All of the carnage takes place as the film begins. Explosives are detonated to destroy a government building; people flee and are injured.

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Paul Greengrass' new film 22 July has arrived on Netflix and in theaters, based on the true story of Anders Behring Breivik's (Anders Danielsen Lie) far-right terrorist attack in Oslo and Utøya, Norway, on July 22, 2011. The massacre resulted in the deaths of 77 people, many of them teenagers, with hundreds more left wounded. Greengrass' film splits its focus evenly between Breivik and one of.

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Paul Greengrass’s latest, “22 July,” recreates the massacre and its aftermath. Fiction that hews close to fact, the movie is serious and meticulous, yet hollow.

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Review Our Score . by Dave Aldridge. Not to be confused with subtitled Norwegian drama Utoya - July 22 (also released in 2018), this is British writer/director Paul Greengrass's English-language.

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