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After discovering that Back Roads was being adapted by Adrian Lyne (Jacob's Ladder, 9 1/2 Weeks, Fatal Attraction), I wanted more information on this book and the author. To my surprise, the unfavorable reviews here were a pleasure to read, and many made me WANT to read this book.

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Alex Pettyfer has made a movie. The 28-year-old English-American actor debuted his first feature film, Back Roads, at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and this Friday, the film hits select theaters across the country. Pettyfer steps into the director’s chair from an actor’s perspective, and the result is a very character-driven, emotionally-rich story about …

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Ambitious but unrefined, Alex Pettyfer’s directorial debut “Back Roads” is a raw movie overburdened by heavy-handed drama. Harley (Pettyfer) gives up his chance at college to care for his three sisters in rural Pennsylvania after their mother (Juliette Lewis) shoots and kills their abusive father.Amid sexual abuse, violence, tragedy and pressure, Harley falls into a tailspin but finds an.

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Back Roads (2018) Directed by Alex Pettyfer. Written by Tawni O’Dell and Adrian Lyne. Starring Alex Pettyfer, Jennifer Morrison, Nicola Peltz, June Carryl, Robert Patrick, Juliette Lewis, Chiara Aurelia and Hala Finley. Back Roads premiered at Tribeca Film Festival as a Spotlight Narrative. 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Back Roads (2018) it can be Minarieful. TV MOVIE The first television shows were experimental, sporadic broadcasts viewable only within a very short range from the broadcast tower starting in the.

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Back Roads articulates the many ways in which toxic masculinity harms both men and women, likewise digging deep into how family’s not always family— sometimes it’s a pack of wolves and only the toughest endure, though even then maybe not in one piece. Pettyfer’s announced himself as a proper talent with this directorial debut.

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Back Roads by Tawni O’Dell is the story of a twenty- year-old young man, Harley Altmyer, who, on page one, is questioned by the local sheriff for the brutal murder of a woman. From the looks of it, Harley is plenty guilty. His hands are full of dried blood, the color of a dead rose and, while he claims innocence, he can’t stop talking about how the mining office where he and the dead woman.

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Back Roads is a decently made drama, allowing Pettyfer the director the chance to hand a moody role to Pettyfer the actor. July 7, 2020.

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Back Roads is a haunting film about how trauma makes us strangers to ourselves, warping our emotions and resetting our internal compasses. These siblings endure enough strife for a lifetime, and.

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Back Roads is a riveting novel by a formidable new talent. All those times me and Skip tried to kill his little brother, Donny, were just for fun. I keep telling the deputies this, and they keep picking up their Styrofoam cups of coffee and walking away only to return a few seconds later and heave their fat butt cheeks onto the metal-topped.

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Back Roads is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It's the car accident on the side of the freeway at which you can't help but stare. Bad family situations and dysfunction grow progressively worse as more and more buried facts and emotions are revealed.

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Back Roads is produced by Upturn Productions, LLC, Infinity Films Productions and Back Roads Productions, in association with Hyde Park International. It opens in theaters in New York on Dec. 6 and in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, and Philadelphia on Dec. 7. Back Roads will also be available on digital/VOD on Dec. 7.

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Back Roads on DVD March 5, 2019 starring Alex Pettyfer, Juliette Lewis, Jennifer Morrison, Nicola Peltz. After his mother (Juliette Lewis) goes to jail for shooting and killing his abusive father, Harley Altmyer (Alex Pettyfer) is left to care f

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Back Roads ultimately goes down more narrative roads than necessary with its series of climactic revelations stretching both credulity and patience. But if offers many powerful moments along the.

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Blunder Wheel. Alex Pettyfer has pedaled his modeling career and leading man roles in such under-publicized movies as "The Strange Ones" and "Endless Love" to a spot behind the wheel of "Back Roads," as both director and lead actor.The ride is a rough one, where Pettyfer's direction is no match for his abysmal acting.

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Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Back Roads; Harley Altmyer, at age 18, became legal guardian for his three younger sisters, after his mother was put in prison for the shooting of his father. He began working two jobs to provide for his sisters and to keep up the house payments. Two years later, at age 20, this has been hard enough, but things.

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Directed by Alex Pettyfer. With Nicola Peltz, Jennifer Morrison, Juliette Lewis, Robert Patrick. In 1993, Harley's dad is shot dead and his mom goes to prison. He has to earn money and look after his 3 kid sisters. No college. Over 2 years, family secrets are slowly revealed. Will a good therapist be enough?

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Film Review: ‘Back Roads’ Alex Pettyfer's first movie as a director is a serious tale of small-town family hell that's more audacious than it is convincing. By Owen Gleiberman.

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It would be spoiler-heavy to go any further with what we learn as this movie goes on, but suffice it to say that there were lots of forbidden entanglements in this particular back roads home.

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Nineteen-year-old Harley is left to rear his three younger sisters after their mother is imprisoned for murdering their abusive father in this searing, hardscrabble Party of Five set in Pennsylvania m

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