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BASKET CASE did much better on the midnight movie circuit once the gore was restored to its proper place(s). BASKET CASE did extremely well for a year or more at midnight screenings, but exploded.

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Basket Case (1982) · 1 hr 31 min. R. Horror. Comedy. An ordinary-looking man in New York City and his formerly conjoined twin in a wicker basket are out to brutally kill the surgeons who separated them. DIRECTOR. Frank Henenlotter. STARRING. Kevin VanHentenryck. Terri Susan Smith. Sean McCabe. Beverly Bonner. Diana Browne.

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Basket Case 2 (1990) along with Part 3 were made so Henenlotter could get his Frankenhooker project off the ground. Basket Case 2 picks right off where part one ended. With a bigger budget, Henenlotter has access to a larger staff and special effects. Shot back to back with Basket Case 3, part 2 lacks the charm of the original.

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Basket Case and I go way back to the days of VHS, so watching this on blu-ray is nothing short of amazing. It makes me fondly reminisce about the days of complaining about DVDs, until I started actually buying them and realizing they looked a hell of a lot better than VHS and feeling like a bit of an idiot for trying to hold on to the old format (and, not to mention that a lot of the VHS.

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Basket Case is a 1982 American horror film written and directed by Frank Henenlotter, and produced by Edgar Ievins.Kevin Van Hentenryck stars as a normal-looking person who seeks vengeance for the unwanted surgery that separated him from his deformed conjoined twin brother.. The film gained an audience in the 1980s due to the advent of home video and has been considered a cult film.

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Basket Case is a 1982 horror film by Frank Henenlotter. It was followed by two sequels, Basket Case 2 in 1990 and Basket Case 3: The Progeny, in 1991. Young Duane is a nice young man from the country who has arrived to New York, carrying with him a big basket.

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Basket Case movie reviews & Metacritic score: A young man carrying a big basket that contains his extremely deformed Siamese-twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will...

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Basket Case was 1 of my favorite horror movies when I was little.After watching it recently, I cant believe I use to like it so much.Its an OK movie but the acting & special effects are so bad in.

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Basket Case, published in 2002, is the ninth novel by Carl Hiaasen. It is a crime novel set in Florida that centers on the death of singer Jimmy Stoma, the former lead man of "Jimmy and the Slut Puppies". This novel marks the first time Hiaasen used first-person point of view to deliver the novel.

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Basket case definition is - a person who has all four limbs amputated. How to use basket case in a sentence.

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Check out the exclusive movie review and see our movie rating for Basket Case.. BASKET CASE is a unique work in which imagination triumphs over the limitations of budget. Blown up.

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DVD Review. Basket Case was originally released on DVD as a film-only disc by Image Entertainment back in 1998. This disc featured the film in the full frame format in which it was shot and also presented it uncut.

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Directed by Frank Henenlotter. With Kevin Van Hentenryck, Terri Susan Smith, Beverly Bonner, Robert Vogel. A young man carrying a big basket that contains his extremely deformed Siamese-twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will.

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Even with all the limitations this movie has (budget, acting, etc) the filmmaker still managed to put out a weirdly entertaining and original story, one that is still talked about decades later. Say what you will, but movies like Basket Case take guts to make, and I love it for that. There's a reason things like this endure. Gory, grimey, goofy.

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Henenlotter also directed 1988's 'Brain Damage,' 1990's 'Frankenhooker,' and two 'Basket Case' sequels. All are, to a greater or lesser extent ('Basket Case 3' was pushing it a bit), worth checking out.

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Lol, I made it a point to watch Basket Case this month and it was definitely something. Had fun watching it and boy, I did enjoy the women in this movie. Very sexy I thought. Didn’t the second one, but I did see the third one. Going from the first straight to the final film was a big jump.

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Most of Basket Case is filmed in the super-seedy 1970s New York City of films like Taxi Driver and Hardcore -and Taxi Driver is the only film that comes close to Basket Case's ability to capitalize on this seediness. The cast plays their parts with both creepy realism and understated camp at the same time, and there are plenty of uncomfortably.

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Movie Review: Basket Case. March 8, 2018 by Jon Kitley in Reviews: Movies and tagged Arrow Video, Basket Case, Beverly Bonner, Frank Henenlotter, Kevin Van Hentenryck. Basket Case (1982) Directed by Frank Henenlotter Starring Kevin Van Hentenryck, Terri Susan Smith, Beverly Bonner, Robert Vogel, Diana Browne, Lloyd Pace, Bill Freeman, Joe Clarke.

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Oliver Stone's JFK: a basket case for conspiracy. This is mixed in with recreated fictional footage, and segues into the movie itself without distinction – making a discreet but definite.

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Overview - Leave it to the Museum of Modern Art to lead the charge in preserving our favorite horror midnight movies! After bestowing us with a terrific restoration of Night of the Living Dead, we're treated to a beautiful new restoration of the 1982 horror comedy classic Basket Case released courtesy of Arrow Video. The flick is a silly, hilarious, and damn creepy rollercoaster ride of.

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