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A pot-bellied Ben Affleck yelling at teenagers while swigging hard liquor out of a water bottle would probably be reason enough to recommend this movie, but “The Way Back” doesn’t gets too.

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After a turbulent few years, Affleck, 47, is trying to reclaim his life and reorder his career. In Affleck’s new film, “The Way Back,” both missions converge powerfully. He plays a former high-school basketball star brought back to coach his alma mater’s team in Gavin O’Connor’s movie, which opens March 6.

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Ben Affleck (L) and Melvin Gregg as coach and player in “The Way Back.” (Warner Bros.) Another good one is the chubby kid (Charles Lott Jr.) who likes to do Joey Bag O’ Donuts type courtside.

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Ben Affleck delivers a masterful performance in ‘The Way Back’ Playing a high school basketball star who walked away from the game for a heart-breaking reason, Affleck creates a lived-in character

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Ben Affleck in The Way Back (Warner Bros.) Ben Affleck is exploited personally and professionally in unconvincing redemption drama.. B en Affleck showed his mettle as more than a light comic actor.

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Ben Affleck's latest sports drama, The Way Back, went through a title change for a very interesting reason.The Oscar-winning actor re-teamed with director Gavin O'Connor after working with him on The Accountant in 2016. Their latest collaboration might be fictional but it eerily parallels Affleck's struggles with alcoholism.

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Ben Affleck's upcoming movie The Way Back hits close to home.In the sports drama, Affleck plays Jack Cunningham, an alcoholic, former high school basketball star who reluctantly returns to his.

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Gavin O'Connor directs Ben Affleck on the set of 'The Way Back.' Richard Foreman / Richard Foreman Penn grad and movie director Gavin O’Connor ( Miracle ) is one of the few people who didn’t know about Ben Affleck’s fraught personal life when they teamed up for The Way Back , a movie about (among other things) a man whose alcoholism has.

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I thought it was brave of Ben to want to play something that felt familiar.” Janina Gavankar plays Affleck’s estranged wife in “The Way Back.” And she, too, knows what it’s like to lose.

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In The Way Back, Ben Affleck is the spirit of middle age in physical form, a bear lumbering forward with a sluggish gait, skepticism in his eyes and a beehive’s worth of pain in his heart. His.

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Interestingly enough, Affleck’s new film, “ The Way Back,” provides a nice avenue for the actor to ingratiate himself with audiences.In the film, Jack Cunningham (Affleck) is a high school basketball star turned construction worker who is soon hired by his former school to coach a ragtag team of teens.

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It cleaves closely to the familiar, but Finding The Way Back scores points by finding different beats within the formula and from a great Ben Affleck performance. Movies: Finding The Way Back

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It's common knowledge that The Way Back, the new movie starring Ben Affleck, is a bit of a blend of fiction and reality for the actor.Affleck has had real struggles with alcohol, which makes the.

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Janina Gavankar and Ben Affleck in “The Way Back” (Photo by Richard Foreman) Not to be confused with director Peter Weir’s Soviet gulag-escape drama “The Way Back” (which was released in 2010), the 2020 release of “The Way Back” (directed by Gavin O’Connor) is a drama about an entirely different struggle: alcoholism and coping.

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Looking back at Gone Girl helps explain why the authentic bluntness of The Way Back feels like such a departure: The new movie isn’t about Affleck the leading man, but rather Affleck the person.

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Movies The Way Back. The force of Ben Affleck’s perpetually anguished glower suggests depths that this redemption-through-sports drama doesn’t reach. He plays Jack Cunningham, a construction.

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Not to be confused with 2013's The Way Way Back, or 2010's The Way Back about Gulag survivors, this movie entitled The Way Back is about Ben Affleck as an alcoholic basketball coach, and it's.

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Review: Ben Affleck triumphs in ‘The Way Back’ with a role that hits close to home Ben Affleck as Jack and Melvin Gregg as Marcus Parrish in “The Way Back.” (Richard Foreman)

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The Way Back (8,242) IMDb 6.7 1h. Ben Affleck was amazing and the story was beautiful and heartfelt. Read more.. My family has watched several movies/shows on Prime with no sound issues. So, for that part, considering the $20 cost, feel just a bit ripped off. Read more. 37 people found this helpful.

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The Way Back Is One Of Ben Affleck's Most Important Movies. Ben Affleck's career was in a rough spot after a string of bad reviews and trips to rehab, but The Way Back shows he still has a lot more to offer. By Stephen M. Colbert Mar 17, 2020. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment.

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