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Blow out 1981 deep focus review movie reviews

"Blow" stars Johnny Depp in a biopic about George Jung, a man who claims that in the late 1970s he imported about 85 percent of all the cocaine in America. That made him the greatest success story in drugs, an industry that has inspired more movies than any other.

Blow out 1981 deep focus review movie reviews

''Blow Out,'' which opens today at Loews State 2 and other theaters, is, if possible, even more movie-conscious than was ''Dressed to Kill,'' Mr. De Palma's last film, a bouyantly entertaining.

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Blow Out Movie Review & Showtimes: Find details of Blow Out along with its showtimes, movie review, trailer, teaser, full video songs, showtimes and cast. John Travolta, Nancy Allen, John Lithgow.

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Blow Out Review. Posted on June 22, 2011 By John Gilpatrick 1980s, Classic Reviews, Movie Reviews. RATING: (3.5 STARS)While Blow Out feels like a typical thriller, it earns big points for doing some truly unexpected things. I’m not talking about reinventing a genre or anything, but compared to most paranoia, “me-against-the-world” thrillers, this one is full of genuine suspense, right.

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Blow Out has John Travolta as a sound engineer for low budget horror movies, who while out recording sounds one night witnesses a car crash and dives into the river to rescue the call girl trapped in the back seat (Nancy Allen). Upon listening back to the footage of the crash, he hears two noises which point to a gun shot being fired at the car.

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Blow Out integrates De Palma style with narrative urgency and thematic consistency better than any of his films. Full Review. Top Critic. William Goss April 30, 2011.

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Blow Out is a 1981 American neo-noir thriller film written and directed by Brian De Palma. The film stars John Travolta as Jack Terry, a movie sound effects technician from Philadelphia who, while recording sounds for a low-budget slasher film, serendipitously captures audio evidence of an assassination involving a presidential hopeful. Nancy Allen stars as Sally Bedina, a young woman involved.

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Blow Out movie reviews & Metacritic score: A movie sound recordist (John Travolta) accidentally records the evidence that proves that a car accident was actually an intentional killing and consequently f...

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Blow Out – review (Brian De Palma, 1981; Arrow, 18). This is one of the finest films about the process of movie-making, a bleak, complex work that gives Travolta his most challenging role.

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Blow Out, however, is a dead-eyed hit that ranks alongside else in his filmography. The film crackles with a vivid atmosphere and has several of the most thrilling scenes De Palma has ever constructed with his exuberant style welded onto a film that doesn't buckle under his charged approach.

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Borrowing more than a bit from GoodFellas and Boogie Nights, Blow works better as a character study than as a history of America's obsession with drugs. It's a subject on which the script presumes viewers will already have some perspective. Depp is excellent as usual, and there are some very moving scenes near the end of the movie with George's father (Ray Liotta) and his own young daughter.

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Brian De Palma's homage to Michelangelo Antonioni's classic art movie Blow-Up (1966) blends suspense and political paranoia when a Philadelphia soundman inadvertently records a murder. Former.

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But "Blow Out" stands by itself. It reminds us of the violence of "Dressed to Kill," the startling images of "The Fury," the clouded identities of "Sisters," the uncertainty of historical "facts" from "Obsession," and it ends with the bleak nihilism of "Carrie".But it moves beyond those films, because this time De Palma is more successful than ever before at populating his plot with three.

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But while it doesn't hit the heights of the Coppola classic (nor Antonioni's masterpiece Blow-Up, which it also attempts to homage), Blow Out is intricately crafted and full of suspense.

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Cast: John Travolta, Nancy Allen, John Lithgow, Dennis Franz, John McMartin, J. Patrick McNamara, Peter Boyden, Curt May Director: Brian De Palma Writer: Brian De Palma, Bill Mesce Jr. Director Of Photography: Vilmos Zsigmond Rating: R Running Time: 108 min. Synopsis: Jack Terry is a master sound recordist who works on grade-B horror movies. Late one evening, he is recording sounds for use in.

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Directed by Brian De Palma. With John Travolta, Nancy Allen, John Lithgow, Dennis Franz. A movie sound recordist accidentally records the evidence that proves that a car accident was actually murder and consequently finds himself in danger.

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Finding out just how far that loyalty extends becomes just as important as the MacGuffin itself in “Blow the Man Down,” which ends on a wry note of cheerful menace. In its own gentle but sure.

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First published in the July 27, 1981, issue of The New Yorker, long-time Brian De Palma supporter Pauline Kael’s review of Blow Out, praised the director and his cast—“Travolta finally has a role that allows him to discard his teenage strutting and his slobby accents”—for at long last finding his and their sweet spots. The review is.

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