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An interview with Bob Dylan dating back to when he was working on the Hollywood movie Hearts of Fire, in which Dylan played a retired rocker called Billy Parker.Hearts of Fire co-starred Rupert Everett, Ian Dury and Fiona, and was written by overblown Hollywood scriptwriter, Joe Eszterhas. The film bombed, and was sadly the last feature from director Richard Marquand (best known for Star Wars.

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Bob Dylan as Billy Parker Fiona. Dylan performs well, though he looks a mite uncomfortable during the musical numbers.. There are no featured audience reviews for Hearts of Fire at this time.

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Bob Dylan goes through the entire movie with an "I hope you all die" expression on his face, which is perfectly suitable considering the lines he's being forced to say. Rupert Everett is all broody and sensitive and painfully boring in this movie and he made me want to hang myself. The only problem is, you can only hang yourself once.

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Bob Dylan loves movies, and movies have always informed his songwriting. Indeed, Dylan purloined Hollywood so savagely for his album Empire Burlesque, that John Ford, Gregory Peck, and Humphrey Bogart should have been listed in the production credits. While much of Dylan's song catalog is cinematically visual, Dylan himself has appeared in over a dozen films throughout his life.

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Bob Dylan stars in this film about a striving musician drawn into the lifestyle of fast-lane rock 'n roll, torn between two men and the different ways of life they represent. Watch Hearts of Fire | Prime Video

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Casting Bob Dylan as a dangerous, sexy rock star isn’t the only way Hearts of Fire fails to keep its finger on the pulse of modern rock either. When Fiona & company play “aggressive” rock meant to rile up the British punks pogoing in the London audience, it plays like an unintentional joke.

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Directed by Richard Marquand. With Bob Dylan, Fiona, Rupert Everett, Julian Glover. A reclusive musician, once a huge rock star, takes a young female protegee. While on a tour she meets a younger, more popular rocker and switches her loyalties.

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FULL SYNOPSIS. This uninspiring drama was unfortunately the last feature film directed by Richard Marquard and was released posthumously. Bob Dylan plays the retired and reclusive rock star (there's a stretch) Billy Parker who falls for aspiring rocker Molly McGuire (Fiona) and takes her under his wing on his tour of England to benefit from his experience.

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Grammy Award-winner and rock legend Bob Dylan stars in this hard-driving "A Star is Born"-like, music-infused film about a striving musician (real-life pop star Fiona) drawn into the raw-edged lifestyle of fast-lane rock 'n roll -- and torn between two men and the different ways of life they represent.

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Grammy Award-winner and rock legend Bob Dylan stars in this hard-driving "A Star is Born"-like,. Hearts of Fire (6). But there is an okay movie in here struggling to get out. All in all, a big dollop of cheese with some fun rock'n'roll, an Ian Dury cameo and three cracking tracks from Bob Dylan.

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Hearts Of Fire Written-By – B. Hill*, F. Flanagan* 3:44: A2 – Bob Dylan: The Usual Written-By – J. Hiatt* 3:32: A3 – Fiona (4) I'm In It For Love Written-By – A. Goldmark*, P. Henderson* 4:00: A4 – Rupert Everett: Tainted Love Written-By – E. C. Cobb* 3:08: A5 – Fiona (4) Hair Of The Dog (That Bit You) Written-By – S. Bryant.

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Hearts Of Fire – Bob Dylan: The Usual – Fiona (4) I'm In It For Love – Rupert Everett: Tainted Love – Fiona (4) Hair Of The Dog (That Bit You) – Bob Dylan: Night After Night – Rupert Everett: In My Heart – Fiona (4) The Nights We Spent On Earth – Bob Dylan: Had A Dream About You, Baby – Fiona (4) Let The Good Times Roll

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Hearts of Fire (1987) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Menu. Movies.. Bob Dylan Movies a list of 31 titles created 15 Dec 2018 Julian Glover, C.B.E. Acting Movie Credits a list of 48 titles created 04 Feb 2014.

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Hearts of Fire is Bob Dylan’s Elvis movie. In this little-seen work from 1986, Dylan plays retired rock star Billy Parker. Following Presley’s film formula, Dylan sings a couple of songs and becomes involved with a young woman trying to make it in music, Molly McGuire (played by actress/singer Fiona).But Hearts of Fire also marks its own path. “I always knew I was one of those rock ‘n.

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Hearts of Fire is a 1987 American musical drama film starring Bob Dylan, Fiona Flanagan (billed only as "Fiona") and Rupert Everett.The film was essentially a vehicle for Dylan based on his success as a rock musician.It received poor reviews, a limited theatrical release and was later written off by Dylan himself.

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Hearts of Fire is a 1987 American musical drama film starring Bob Dylan, Fiona Flanagan (billed only as “Fiona”) and Rupert Everett. 1990 Catchfire A witness to a mob assassination flees for her life from town to town, switching identities, but cannot seem to elude Milo, the chief killer out to get her.

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Hearts of Fire is a soundtrack to the film Hearts of Fire. Columbia released the soundtrack October 20, 1987, with the record number SC 40870. It was recorded on August 26 and 27, 1986 in London. The album features three artists. Bob Dylan has three songs, Fiona has five songs and Rupert Everett contributes two songs.

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In 1986, Dylan had been moved to England has dared to suddenly Omoita’, is a full picture of the sound track recording session of his starring movie “HEARTS OF FIRE”. This time, the shop was to get the DAT was digital copy from a master reel in direct of this sound source from stalwart taper of the United Kingdom resident.

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It would be ten years before Dylan would once more flex his acting muscles in the long-on-the-shelf Hearts of Fire (1987), playing the tailor-made role of a retired rock legend.

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I’m going to start by summarizing Hearts of Fire, because it is unlikely that anyone reading this has actually watched it. Filmed in late-summer and early-fall 1986 in London and Hamilton, ON, the film stars Bob Dylan as Billy Parker, a former rock star who has opted to hang it all up and become a chicken farmer.

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