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"The Game Changers," a popular Netflix documentary, promotes the vegan diet at all costs — but you may wonder how well its claims stack up to science. This article provides an evidence-based.

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'The Cove' director Louie Psihoyos returns with an athlete-stuffed pro-vegan doc. Not the first and surely not the last film hoping to overwhelm carnivores with evidence that abandoning meats.

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An Evidence-based Review of ‘The Game Changers’. to Kendrick Farris, olympic weightlifter. All vegan and all at the top of their game. The Game Changers release is drawing in a ton of debate. The film was produced by James Cameron and it promotes a vegan diet, avoiding all animal products, and the athletic benefits that go along with the.

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Concerns about getting enough of all the important nutrients on a plant-based diet are not unfounded. Studies have shown that vegans, on average, are not getting the recommended daily intake of three nutrients: calcium, iodine, and vitamin B12. However, using the same criteria, omnivores are actually deficient in seven nutrients, including calcium, iodine, and five others.

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Directed by Louie Psihoyos. With James Wilks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrik Baboumian, Dotsie Bausch. A UFC fighter's world is turned upside down when he discovers an elite group of world-renowned athletes and scientists who prove that everything he had been taught about protein was a lie.

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Executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, The Game Changers follows James Wilks - elite Special Forces trainer and winner of The Ultimate Fighter - whose world is.

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Film Review: ‘The Game Changers’. I think the review is fair in that the movie clearly sets out to replace the stereotype of the wimpy vegan with a strong macho one. It does a good job of.

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I had the opportunity to review the movie ‘The Game Changers’, and I wanted to give some insight to into the documentary. As with anything, there are two sides to every story, so while ‘The Game Changers’ does provide some valid points; the evidence in this film is subpar and there are grand extrapolations from very poor quality, small, bias studies.

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Now let’s get to the documentary review and the claims featured in the movie. Game Changers features an MMA fighter James Wilks and his discovery of the plant-based diet following an injury. At the beginning of the movie, we watch Wilks winning a UFC tournament back in 2009, as a meat-eater.

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Review of The Game Changers Movie A few months ago, my son came home from sports practice and informed me that his coach said he needed to eat more meat for protein. He looked at me with skepticism when I tried to explain that his body absorbs protein much more efficiently from plant-based food

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Review: ‘The Game Changers’ makes an athlete-fueled case for a plant-based diet. But the movie could have used a more thorough, gram-for-gram comparison of plant-based and animal proteins.

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The Film. Directed by Oscar®-winning documentary filmmaker Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic, and Chris Paul, The Game Changers tells the story of James Wilks — elite Special Forces trainer and The Ultimate Fighter winner — as he travels the world on a quest to uncover the optimal diet for human.

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The Game Changers Movie Review What is The Game Changers about? The Game Changers is a film documenting the rise of plant-based eating in professional sport and how this relates to current and historical perceptions of nutrition and strength. It follows James Wilks – an elite Special Forces trainer and The Ultimate Fighter winner as he.

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The Game Changers Movie – First Look And Review. by · Share 12. WhatsApp. Tweet. Pin 2. Share. 14 Shares. So I’ve just got back from watching The Game Changers Movie! As a vegan self-experimenter, I was really excited to see it and couldn’t wait to review it. #TeamGameChangers.

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The Game Changers Review – A Scientific Analysis (Updated) Written By: Layne Norton. November 11th, 2019 Updated on November 20th, 2019 at 6:17pm EST. Fixed pdf reference link; A clarification regarding energy emissions as opposed to merely transportation emissions About 6 weeks ago I started hearing rumblings about an upcoming ‘documentary.

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The Game Changers Review: Key Takeaways Veganism isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It’s something you may choose to work towards for animal welfare and/or environmental reasons, and it may also improve your health.

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The Game Changers attempts to break this norm of animal meat protein being the only useful protein source. It's crucial to combat the stereotypes and images built up with terms such as "soy-boy" and review the connotations that go with it.

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The Game Changers is a 2018 documentary film about the benefits of plant-based eating for athletes. It covers multiple success stories of plant-based athletes, references scientific studies, and touches on other arguments for plant-based diets that extend to non-athletes.

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The Game Changers is a sleek new documentary that advocates for the plant based lifestyle by highlighting the heath and performance benefits of veganism over a traditional omnivore diet. It is lead and narrated by James Wilks, a UFC fighter and elite special forces combat trainer.

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The Game Changers movie is a new film bout plant-based eating, protein, and strength. This article looks at fact vs. fiction when it comes to meat, protein, and performance. The Game Changers is a new film touting the benefits of veganism, narrated by James Wilks, a former winner of The Ultimate Fighter and elite special forces trainer.

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