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10 Anime Films You Should Watch If You Like Studio Ghibli: We pick our favorite Ghibli-influenced films.. Eight of their movies rank among the 15 highest. Your Name has won numerous awards.

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A scene from Your Name. While American tourists are familiar with the idea of visiting places where TV shows or movies were filmed or set, fans of Japanese anime also visit the locations of.

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An adaptation of the last arc in the manga, Mushishi Zoku Shou: Suzu no Shizuku follows Ginko's peculiar journey amidst the occult to unravel the mystery behind the enigmatic girl called Kaya and the mountain that has become her home.

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Anime movies are some of the most breathtaking spectacles in film. The painstaking attention to detail and the mix of drama, action, romance, and other genres really sets them apart as a tour de force when it comes to the art form. Directors like Hayao Miyazaki have enchanted audiences for decades with his work. You […]

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Because romance anime is so popular, it goes without saying that romance anime movies are popular as well. And that means there are a lot of them, with more coming out every year. So the next time you want to enjoy a film with someone special or just don't want to commit to an entire anime and want to watch a movie instead - we've made this.

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Best Anime Movies of All time. To qualify as a movie the run-time has to be less than 3 hours but longer than 1 hour. The list is in order.

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Good anime movies like Your Name (Kimi no na wa)? Recommendation. Ok let me explain. I am fairly new to all this anime type stuff. My first series I watched a few days ago was Blend-S because my friend (who is really into anime) said it was really good and a nice series to start off with. After I finished watching it I asked him about movies.

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Here's our list of 20 of Japan's best anime movies, including 'Ghost In The Shell,' 'Akira,' and a number of Studio Ghibli must-sees. Check the list here.

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I — and many millions of fans around the world — adored Your Name for it’s beautiful soundtrack, the theme songs of which were created by the popular J-rock band, Radwimps.While many fans regard Your Name as having one of the best anime soundtracks of all time, Your Lie in April isn’t far behind.. Filled to the brim with songs from the classical music canon, Your Lie in April is a.

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Interestingly, the anime movie is actually based on a 1967 fictional novel of the same name by by Yasutaka Tsutsui. If you’re interested in an introduction to anime, but you’re not sure you’re ready to jump into the deep end with something like Akira, this is definitely a good place to start.

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It also shares similarities with a handful of coming of age movies. While the easier route to take would be suggesting films like Carol, or Blue is the Warmest Color, you’ll find that this list focuses more on the coming of age aspect of Call Me By Your Name. 1. A Summer’s Tale (1996)

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I’m not only a sucker for sad anime movies but for sad vintage anime movies as well. This 1997 classic is going to become your new favorite even if you don’t like old movies. My heart warms up the moment I look at these charming animations but don’t be fooled there is a lot more to this film than you might think.

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Just like Kimi no Na wa, Patema Inverted showcases a spectacular tale intertwining the fate two people living in two different worlds. In the case of this anime, the worlds presented are of those who are living with their feet on the ground but restricted from looking at the sky and those who are living inversely underground cursed to fall into the sky if they ever step out of their safe zone.

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Just like live-action movies have masterpieces like 'The Godfather' or 'Citizen Kane' to hold up as the pinnacles of the medium, so do anime movies. Either due to critical/popular acclaim, or historical significance, these movies represent the best of anime. Disclaimer: This article follows one rule - only one movie per director.

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Kimi no Na wa., or Your Name, captured not only Japan but the anime community abroad as well. In Tokyo, it was hard to even get tickets to see it for the first couple of weeks it was released because it intrigued not only the usual anime community but other movie-goers as well.

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Movies or animes would include ze following- The girl who leapt through time. (it's as complicated as Kimi no na was. Impossiblebto explain) Children who chased lost voices. (It is not exactly close to Kimi no na was but the feels it gives and the...

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Next 50 Top Anime Movies Updated twice a day. (How do we rank shows?) Rank: Title: Score: Your Score: Status: 1: Kimi no Na wa. Watch Promotional Video. Movie (1 eps) Aug 2016 - Aug 2016 1,421,662 members Manga Store Volume 1 $6.99 Preview. 9.02. N/A. Add to list: 2: Koe no Katachi Watch Promotional Video.

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No anime movies comes close in terms of storyline, details, character progression and hard work to this one.. An Anime film like no other. Stunning. The motorcycle battles are amongst the most exciting action sequences ever created.. "YOUR NAME" MADE ME CRY SO MUCH! 1! 1! 1" A Silent Voice has a real moral behind it and hits hard for.

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The best anime movies - like any other films - are the ones that make us laugh, cry, and squeal with excitement when we can tell something big is about to go down.

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The best place to look for inspiration is right in front of you — in the movies you watch, in the books you read, and in the shows you stream. Here are some of the most beautiful anime names that you should use when you have a child of your own. Aika. Aiko. Aimi. Aina. Aini. Airi. Akane. Akemi. Aki. Akihiro. Akio. Akira. Amaterasu. Ami. Aoi.

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