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100 perfect names for your guinea pig petsvills

21 Guinea Pig Names That Will Make You Laugh Or Say 'Awwww' Posted by Stacey Venzel. 2 years. Because "Brownie" is overrated, here's a list of fun and unique guinea pig names to fit your rodent friend. If you're like me, your family had a trend going with guinea pig names (mostly food related).

100 perfect names for your guinea pig petsvills

55 Unisex Guinea Pig Names. Sometimes you just want a name that would suit your pet whether they are a boy or a girl. This selection of fantastic guinea pig names works brilliantly for both girl and boy guinea pigs. Alaska – a great place to visit with a lot of snow! Perfect for a snowy white guinea pig.

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Baby Guinea Pig Names. Most baby guinea pig names are taken from food items, like honey and biscuits, because they’re a treat to look at—just like guinea pigs. However, you can choose any name you want because it’s going to stay the same even after your guinea pig grows up.

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Badass Baby Guinea Pig Names. Despite being one of the most adorable pets, a baby guinea pig is undoubtedly a badass! Here are some badass baby guinea pig names for your sneaky little pet. Ninja – If your guinea pig is sneaky and cool, this is the best name for them. Ogelsvie – This name is of Native American origin, and it means fearsome.

50 unique guinea pig names from disney movies petsvills

Bonus: G-Force Guinea Pig Names. The movie G-Force sparked the new inspiration for rodent pet names. Although not all of these characters are Guinea Pigs, they all still have great names. Speckles (Mole) Darwin (Guinea Pig) Baster (Guinea Pig) Juarez (Guinea Pig) Mooch (Housefly) Bucky (Hamster) Hurley (Guinea Pig) Finding the Right Name for.

50 unique guinea pig names from disney movies petsvills

Boy guinea pigs (also known as boars) are just adorable and make wonderful pets! If you're wondering what to call your new guinea pigs, our list of over 170 fabulous boy guinea pig names will help you decide. It has everything from cute, cool names to well-known characters as well as more unique names too. We challenge you to find a bigger list of boy guinea pig names!

50 unique guinea pig names from disney movies petsvills

But for the right breed of guinea pig, this name can work out perfectly. Alternatively, the name could suit an uncannily clever guinea pig. Or, at least serve as a nickname whenever your cavy does well at some brain puzzles or guinea pig exercise activities. 6. “King Guinidas” We actually know a Teddy guinea pig named King Guinidas.

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Celebrity Names: Name your guinea pigs after your favorite celebrities.If you have a couple of male guinea pigs, you may name them Matt and Ben and Michael and Jackson. Anjelina and JoLee, Angie and Brad, Oprah and Phil are some of the names that you can try as the pet name for your pair of guinea pigs.

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Despite their names, guinea pigs are not native to Guinea and they are not part of the pig family. Guinea pigs originated, as early as 5000 BC., in the Andes Mountains region of South America. So, in honor of their heritage, here are some names for your guinea pig inspired by movies that were filmed or took place in South America. Male Movie.

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Directed by Hoyt Yeatman. With Will Arnett, Penélope Cruz, Zach Galifianakis, Bill Nighy. A specially trained squad of guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world.

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Each episode followed the adventures of three classroom pets - Linny the Guinea Pig (Sofie Zamchick), Ming-Ming Duckling (Danica Lee), and Turtle Tuck (Teala Dunn) - who travel around the. See full summary » Stars: Sofie Zamchick, Teala Dunn, Danica Lee, Dawn Evans. Votes: 1,295

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Funny Guinea Pig Names. Finding funny guinea pig names is a fun process, as there are lots of different aspects of these adorable animals that can be turned into hilarious names or puns. The word ‘Guinea’ can be used as a pun on famous fictional characters, or geographical places, such as ‘Guinea Weasley’, and ‘Papa New Guinea’.

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G-Force is a 2009 American family adventure comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.Directed by Hoyt Yeatman and written by Cormac and Marianne Wibberley with a story by Yeatman, the film is his directorial debut, having earlier worked in the area of visual effects alongside co-founding Dream Quest Images.The film stars Zach Galifianakis, Bill Nighy, and Will.

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Guinea Pig (ギニーピッグ, Ginī Piggu) is a Japanese horror film series that consists of six films, as well as two making-of documentaries.The series' original concept, envisioned by manga artist Hideshi Hino (who wrote and directed two films in the series), was to create film adaptations of his manga work. [citation needed] The series primarily focuses on situations involving graphic.

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Guinea pig names are hard to come up with, and some would say that when the guinea pig is a boy it can be even tougher. You’ll need to find the right name if you want to make sure that your guinea pig is as cool as can be, after all you wouldn’t want to name a male guinea pig “Princess”, now would you?

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Guinea pigs are very sociable animals, and these mammals are accustomed to live in small groups amongst nature. Therefore, it is not advisable to have a single guinea pig if you want to enjoy a happy animal. In case you want to have more than one, ideally choose two females or two males.

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Guinea pigs are one-of-a-kind creatures meant to have special names to fit their equally unique personalities. We’ve rounded up the best guinea pig names for girls, boys, pairs, and several.

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Here is a selection of cute girl guinea pig names that just might fit your little gal to a “t!”. Some fun ideas include picking names of movie character siblings (like Elsa and Anna from Frozen), or picking names with the same first letter (such as Jess and Jenn) or taking inspiration from celebs’ own twin pets (Dave Matthews’ Stella.

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Male Guinea Pig Names from Disney Movies. Aladdin-(Aladdin) A thief with a heart of gold!; Bing Bong– (Inside Out)- Riley’s imaginary friend.He is a pink hybrid of a cat, an elephant and a dolphin. Chicharron– (Coco)- A friend of Hector who becomes forgotten in the Land of the Dead.; Chessur– (Alice in Wonderland)- AKA the Cheshire cat; Dash– (Incredibles)- The middle child of Bob.

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Many guinea pig owners have that story of the time their boy guinea pig turned out to be a girl guinea pig – or vice versa. If even the teensiest smidgen of gender doubt remains in your mind, these unisex boy names for guinea pigs will keep you out of hot water if your little gentleman turns out to be a little lady instead!

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