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1) a haunted mansion movie from the early 80s, Made for TV, I think, where the end has one of the inhabitants killed by a stone falling from the roof. 2) a movie made for HBO or Showtime in the early 80s where a boy has dreams or thoughts that come to life, and the end has a hospital scene where the boy's thoughts are running rampant.

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100 horror films from the 80s. Possibly the best decade for horror cinema! Menu.. This dark as they come horror comedy is the type of movie that couldn't get made anymore. The subject matter is almost too dark to be funny- but you will laugh and be aghast at the bloody goings on. Veronica gets involved with JD, and through a series of.

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18 of the Scariest Horror Movies of the 1980s. The slasher-heavy decade of the 80s brought some renowned classics and some truly scary movies that continue to live on in our pop culture collective.

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70s Horror Movies., a compete list of horror movies from the 1970

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84 Best ’80s Horror Movies. Welcome to Camp Rotten! We’ve got lakes for skinny dipping, Necronomicons for candle-lit reading, and your esteemed camp counselors: A finer breed of spurned psychos, unstable writers, and sarcastic undead you’ll never meet.

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Compiling this list of the best horror movies of the 80s was certainly a trip down memory lane. That decade produced many of the genre’s biggest franchises such as the Friday the 13 th, Nightmare on Elm Street and the Evil Dead series.There were also several individual films that still stand up as some of the scariest films ever made.

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Directed by Mark Rosman. With Kate McNeil, Eileen Davidson, Janis Ward, Robin Meloy. After a seemingly innocent prank goes horribly wrong, a group of sorority sisters are stalked and murdered one by one in their sorority house while throwing a party to celebrate their graduation.

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Directed by Steve Miner. With William Katt, Kay Lenz, George Wendt, Richard Moll. A troubled writer moves into a haunted house after inheriting it from his aunt.

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HOUSE is One of The Most Fun 80s Horror Movies That You May Have Never Seen Movie House Horror about a year ago by Joey Paur. One of my favorite horror movies to watch when I was growing up was a 1985 film called House. Outside of my family, I don’t know a lot of people that are familiar with this movie, so I thought I’d bring it to your.

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Hill House has stood for about 90 years and appears haunted: its inhabitants have always met strange, tragic ends. Now Dr. John Markway has assembled a team of people who he thinks will prove whether or not the house is haunted.

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Horror as a genre did not always enjoy the same status as it has earned in the present-day cinematic universe. It would not be wrong to state that the 1980s was the breeding ground for horror as a genre in movies. Though horror movies were there even before the 1980’s Horror Movies, we saw complete domination of horror movies in the ’80s.

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Horror has always been a popular genre of film, dating all the way back to the silent era of cinema with films like The House of the Devil (1896) and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920).The genre has evolved over the decades, but the ‘80s holds a special place in a lot of fans’ hearts.

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House -The 1986 Horror / Occult movie featuring William Katt and George Wendt at the award winning 80s Movies Rewind. 8 pages of info, trailer, pictures and more.

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House is a 1986 American comedy horror film directed by Steve Miner, produced by Sean S. Cunningham, and starring William Katt, George Wendt, Richard Moll, and Kay Lenz.Co-written by Fred Dekker, the film tells the story of a troubled author who lives in his deceased aunt's house and soon falls victim to the house being haunted.. Upon release on February 28, 1986, it grossed $22.1 million.

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House is a 1986 comedy horror film directed by Steve Miner and starring William Katt, George Wendt, Richard Molland Kay Lenz. It was followed by three sequels: House II: The Second Story, House III: The Horror Show and House IV. Roger Cobb (William Katt), an author of horror novels, is a troubled man. He has recently separated from his wife (Kay Lenz); their only son has disappeared without a.

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I had to decide which of Sam Raimi’s ’80s horror films to include and I went with the original: It provides a more visceral horror experience, and was really the template for low-budget horror.

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It's an incredibly '80s movie. It hits on every bad horror movie cliche: sex, drugs, drinking, parties, and again, malls. By far the most amusing part of the movie is that these kids are having an.

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RELATED: 10 Classic '80s Horror Movies To Watch If You Loved American Horror Story: 1984. Two years before The Karate Kid introduced Japanese culture to an unsuspecting audience in the west, The House Where Evil Dwells tested the water. It also opened to middling reviews.

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The '80s were a phenomenal time for aficionados of the gruesome, the gory and the ghoulish. We present a ranked rundown of the 50 finest horror films of the 1980s era.

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