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9 HP Lovecraft movies you need to watch. James Oliver. To celebrate the upcoming release of Colour out of Space, we take a look at some of the best HP Lovecraft-inspired films ever made . A new Nicolas Cage film is always welcome, especially when he plays someone going utterly bonkers.

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A loose translation of Lovecraft’s stellar short story onto film, Reanimator is one of the greatest Lovecraftian horror movies of all time. It’s core themes of science going to far and mankind meddling in places it shouldn’t are perfect for any horror movie fan, much more so for a cosmic horror fan.

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Also known as DIE, MONSTER, DIE!, MONSTER OF TERROR is the first of two Lovecraft adaptations helmed by director Daniel Haller (the other being THE DUNWICH HORROR in 1970, which almost made the list).

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Also, the list doesn’t comprise of Lovecraftian films only, as the aim was to put together the most impressive films with Lovecraft influence on them. Hence, below exist some relatively unexpected entries. By any means, it is best to see the list as films that Lovecraft fans would enjoy. 1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

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Creatures is a category that encompasses all monsters, beings and entities that exist in the Greater Cthulhu Mythos.

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Deities is a name sometime used by Chaosium, like the Malleus Monstrorum to refer to a group comprised of the Elder Gods, Great Old Ones, Great Ones, Outer Gods and a few other unique entities.

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H.P. Lovecraft full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films.

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H.P. Lovecraft is inarguable one of the most influential horror writers of all-time. His depictions of the fragile human psyche and the immeasurable monsters that seek to destroy it are so unique and impactful a vision that Lovecraftian horror has become its own genre across all media, from books to films to games.. RELATED: 10 Canceled Horror Sequels That Would Have Been Interesting To See

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H.P. Lovecraft, Writer: Re-Animator. Born in Providence, Lovecraft was a sickly child whose parents died insane. When he was 16, he wrote the astronomy column in the Providence Tribune. Between 1908 and 1923, he wrote short stories for Weird Tales magazine, among others. He died in Providence, in poverty, on March 15, 1937. His most famous novel is considered to be "At the Mountains.

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Horror fiction author H.P. Lovecraft wrote short stories, novels and novellas, including 'The Call of Cthulhu' and 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.'

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Lovecraft’s works have been adapted numerous times for motion pictures and television—and adapted badly.The pages below contain links to entries for these films in the Internet Movie Database.In addition, the IMDB has an H.P. Lovecraft filmography page that lists Lovecraftian films. For more complete information on Lovecraft films, see Andrew Migliore and John Strysik’s The Lurker in the.

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MIKE DAVIS' LIST OF RECOMMENDED LOVECRAFTIAN MOVIES (Follow Lovecraft eZine on: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. And be sure to check out our weekly podcast, where we talk about Lovecraftian and horror movies, books, and much more!) Below is a list of Lovecraftian-themed movies that I recommend -- what I consider to be the best of the best.

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Mike's list of the BEST Lovecraftian-themed movies: With trailers. This is a list of Lovecraftian-themed movies that I recommend — what I consider to be the best of the best. Free Lovecraftian fan-created movies: So many times, the "little guys" do a far better job than the big studios. Here is a list of free fan-created…

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People new to Lovecraft's fiction should start with: The Call of Cthulhu Probably the most well known and popular of the stories The Call of Cthulhu is a story told in three parts by a narrator who discovers aspects of a mysterious and savage cult centered around an inconceivable horror at the bottom of the sea.

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Scores of films have been projected throughout the 21-year run of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon. Here are 10 noteworthy selections—portals, if you will, into the cinematic.

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The Dunwich Horror is ludicrously slow-moving and stale, and easily qualifies as the worst of the four Lovecraft movies made during the initial period between 1963 and 1970. A low-budget remake premiered on Syfy (!) in 2009 and was quickly forgotten.

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The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Non-believer. H.P. Lovecraft $5.49 - $17.69

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This category contains those entities which feature in the works of cosmic horror author H.P. Lovecraft. For creatures added to his mythos by other authors and media, see Cthulhu Mythos.

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