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11 most iconic 2000s movie characters

11 most iconic 2000s movie characters. The 2000s gave us many great films. Adaptations such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Spider-Man trilogy, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and many others.

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30. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004). Ultimately cool and darkly funny, The Life Aquatic is easily our favorite Wes Anderson movie, and that's mostly because of Bill Murray. A great.

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A movie that explores the dark and miserable town, Basin City, tells the story of three different people, all caught up in violent corruption. Directors: Frank Miller, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez | Stars: Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba. Votes: 732,669 | Gross: $74.10M

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As we crest a brand new decade, we thought it high time to take one more look back at the 2000s (okay, the fact that it's January, the most boring month of the year, had something to do with it, too). Yes, it's another list, but this time we've sifted through a decade's worth of films in an attempt -- foolhardy, perhaps -- to pick the 100 greatest movie characters of the past 10 years.

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Characters who weren't afraid to go against type, buck stereotypes, and be different. With plans for a “Veronica Mars” revival and a “Buffy” reboot in the works, it’s clear that iconic female 2000s TV characters still manage to capture the imagination of television studios and streaming platforms.

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Here are just ten of the most iconic characters to come from Shonen Jump during the 2000s. 10 Roronoa Zoro While the manga for One Piece started in 1997 and anime premiered in 1999, it wasn't until the 2000s that the world came to know about the pirates like Roronoa Zoro .

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I mean, so many movie characters—whether fictional or not—are fashion icons in their own right. Think of Ramona in Hustlers or Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. H ere, 50 of the most iconic movie.

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IMDB/Shamley Productions. This might be the most recognizable movie scene of all time. As TCM explains, the movie being shot in black-and-white had one major advantage, and that's that Alfred Hitchcock was able to use chocolate syrup as the "blood" in the scene since viewers wouldn't be able to differentiate between red and brown. That likely made filming the scene a bit more pleasant, even if.

Iconic 2000 s movie characters infographic visualistan

Iconic 2000's Movie Characters #infographic Published by Sheraz Malik Tuesday, August 13, 2019 Times have changed since the turn of the century.. but we’d never say no to suiting up in movie costumes from the 2000s. Take a look at our list of memorable movie quotes from the decade and let us know if your favorites made the list!

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Iconic 2000’s Movie Characters #Infographic August 14, 2019 Iconic , Movie Characters , Quotes But our adore for all things early 2000s is in no way going absent.

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It doesn't really matter. Like a few other cartoon characters on this list, Superman began life in comic books in 1933 and first appeared in animated cartoons the following decade. Superman has enjoyed a long life, appearing in countless TV shows, films, and animated shows, including the iconic "Superfriends" of the 1970s.

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Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a Wookiee and two droids to save the galaxy from the Empire's world-destroying battle station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the mysterious Darth Vader.

The 100 greatest characters of the decade

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Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl (2007—2012) Gossip Girl is a 2000s fashion treasure trove for many reasons, but few characters' wardrobes were more influential than that of Serena Van Der Woodsen, which made Blake Lively everyone's girl crush. From Hervé Léger body-con dresses to adorable off-duty lewks, everyone wanted to be Serena—even though some of us wanted to be Blair Waldorf.

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The 10 Most Iconic Seinen Anime Characters Of The 2000s, Ranked. Seinen is a popular genre in anime. In this list, we'll be taking a look at the ten most iconic Seinen anime characters of the 2000s.

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The 50 Most Iconic Female Characters In Film History. Slide Nr 49 Rey (Daisy Ridley, The Star Wars Films, 2015-) – A new kind of hero for a new kind of trilogy, Rey was initially reminiscent of Luke Skywalker when she first appeared in The Force Awakens ; however, she has since established herself as a separate and unique character.

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The 9 Most Iconic ’90s Movie Characters. As the last decade of the 20th Century, the 1990s were an interesting time. Computers and the internet weren’t truly mainstream yet.

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The Most Iconic TV And Movie Characters From The 2010s We asked BuzzFeed News writers to nominate the TV and movie characters who defined the 2010s. Here are our picks for the characters who will stick with us from this decade.

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The following 11 characters from 2000s television and movies were some of the best pop culture has ever seen, and admit it: you totally wanted to be just like them. 1. Buffy From Buffy The Vampire.


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