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"The In-Laws" is an accomplished but not inspired remake of a 1979 comedy which was inspired and so did not need to be accomplished. The earlier movie was slapdash and at times seemed to be making itself up as it went along, but it had big laughs and a kind of lunacy. The remake knows the moves but lacks the recklessness.

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Broken Law is a strikingly engaging movie with an interesting premise and a compelling story of two brothers trying to stay on the right side of the law in unusual circumstances.

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Dentist Sheldon Kornpett (Alan Arkin) is a respectable man. He has a daughter who is about to marry the son of a very suspicious character, Vince Ricardo (Peter Falk). They are practically.

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Directed by Andrew Fleming. With Albert Brooks, Michael Douglas, Ryan Reynolds, Lindsay Sloane. Right before his daughter's wedding, a mild-mannered foot doctor discovers that his future son-in-law's father is a free-wheeling international spy.

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Directed by Arthur Hiller. With Peter Falk, Alan Arkin, Richard Libertini, Nancy Dussault. On the eve of their children's marriage, NYC in-laws Sheldon Kornpett and Vince Ricardo embark on a series of misadventures involving the CIA, the Treasury Department and Central American dictators.

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Parents need to know that The Laws of Thermodynamics is a romantic comedy in Spanish with subtitles. Several sex scenes show female breasts, male buttocks, and simulated sex with thrusting, panting, and moaning. Having a threesome is mentioned a couple of times, and one sequence briefly shows some kissing and sensuality between three people.

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See the full list of The In-Laws cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more.

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Synopsis: In four days, Jerry Peyser and Steve Tobias will become in-laws when their respective offspring, Melissa Peyser and Mark Tobias, get married. Married Jerry is a Chicago area podiatrist. He is risk averse to an extreme, afraid of heights including being in tall buildings and flying, even watching airline commercials.

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THE IN-LAWS ** Michael Douglas, Albert Brooks, Ryan Reynolds, Lindsay Sloane, Maria Ricossa, Candice Bergen, Robin Tunney, David Suchet.. This is a fast paced, funny movie so if you're in the.

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The Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988 is part of the United States Code. The Act places stringent record-keeping requirements on the producers of actual, sexually explicit materials in films. The guidelines for enforcing these laws are part of the United States Code of Federal Regulations.

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The In-Laws has been re-made with Albert Brooks playing the Shedon Kornpett role and michael Douglas as Vince Ricardo. Despite the casting, the most current incarnation cannot hope to equal the 1979 original.

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The In-Laws has been re-made with Albert Brooks playing the Shedon Kornpett role and michael Douglas as Vince Ricardo. Despite the casting, the most current incarnation cannot hope to equal the 1979 original. If you want to watch two master craftsmen working at the top of their game and enjoy an extended cameo of a young, unknown David Paymer.

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The In-Laws is a 1979 American action comedy film starring Alan Arkin and Peter Falk, written by Andrew Bergman and directed by Arthur Hiller on various locations, including Mexico, which served as the film's representation of the fictional Central American setting. A remake was made in 2003.

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The In-Laws is a 2003 American action comedy film starring Michael Douglas, Albert Brooks, Candice Bergen, Robin Tunney, Maria Ricossa, Lindsay Sloane and Ryan Reynolds.The film is a remake of the original 1979 cult classic of the same name.Scenes for the 2003 film were shot on location in Chicago.The film was a box office failure and received mixed to negative reviews.

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The In-Laws. Season 1. Release year: 2011. She swore not to meddle in her kids' lives like her mother-in-law meddled in hers. But when her sons get married, that vow proves not so easy to keep. 1. Episode 1 44m. 2. Episode 2 44m. 3. Episode 3 44m. 4. Episode 4 45m. 5. Episode 5 45m. 6. Episode 6 44m. 7. Episode 7 45m. 8. Episode 8 44m. 9.

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The Laws of Thermodynamics 2018 TV-MA 1h 40m International Movies A physicist uses the laws of thermodynamics to describe romance and relationships, but his theories prove faulty when it comes to his own love life.

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