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Abandon all hope of logic, ye who enter here. David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE (he insists the letters be capitalized), shot with a consumer digicam (the Sony PD-150), is three hours of mesmerizing…

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Almost uniquely among any film of any era, Inland Empire is, very genuinely, about whatever you come away thinking it's about - a movie to be processed and digested in the hours, days, and weeks.

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Directed by David Lynch. With Karolina Gruszka, Krzysztof Majchrzak, Grace Zabriskie, Laura Dern. As an actress begins to adopt the persona of her character in a film, her world becomes nightmarish and surreal.

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INLAND EMPIRE is a 2006 film written and directed by David Lynch, starring Laura Dern. It was a U.S.-Poland co-production. It involves a movie star becoming trapped in the world of her film as the result of a curse, reliving an old story involving infidelity and murder. The film takes place on multiple planes of reality. Its tagline is, "A woman in trouble." INLAND EMPIRE premiered at the.

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INLAND EMPIRE, on the other hand, is a very different beast and probably the most challenging film in Lynch's oeuvre. I have to put my hands up and admit defeat. I couldn't entirely grasp what.

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In this sense, you might say, "Inland Empire" is a digital film, through and through. Not because Lynch shot it with the relatively small Sony PD-150 digicam and fell in love with the smeary, malleable and unstable texture of digital video (where the brightest Los Angeles sunlight can be as void and terrifying as the darkest shadow), or because the first pieces of the movie were digital shorts.

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Inland Empire (2006) took over two years to film, with the script being written simultaneously. Yet, it is this rather unconventional method of modern filmmaking which perfectly suits a movie that could possibly be exploring the inner psyche of the director David Lynch.

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Inland Empire After taking the lead in a new movie, Hollywood star Nikki Grace (Dern) learns the script is based on an old Polish film that was abandoned after the murders of its two adulterous leads.

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Inland Empire Synopsis. Actors star in a remake of an unfinished film in which the leads were murdered. Read Full Synopsis Cast + Crew David Lynch Director Laura Dern Nikki/Sue Jeremy Irons Kingsley.

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Inland Empire Synopsis: A blonde actress is preparing for her biggest role yet, but when she finds herself falling for her co-star, she realizes that her life is beginning to mimic the fictional film that they're shooting.

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Inland Empire flips that by using low-grade digital to create the smeary, incoherent, oneiric look that his movies always achieved tonally. Rewatching this film after the last few Malick movies, I see some parallels: for all the incomprehensible montage and jump cuts and half-articulated ideas and plots, the core of the movie is nothing but.

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Inland Empire is a 2006 experimental film written, directed and co-produced by David Lynch.The film's cinematography, editing, score and sound design were also by Lynch, with pieces by a variety of other musicians also featured. Lynch's longtime collaborator and wife Mary Sweeney co-produced the film. The cast includes such Lynch regulars as Laura Dern, Justin Theroux, Harry Dean Stanton, and.

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Inland Empire is a heroes journey: Nikki Grace, the greatest actress in the world, is hired to play the role of Susan Blue. She believes it is just another movie, but her Husband, Piotrek, has another motive- The story is cursed and Piotrek whose former wife (lost girl) fell victim to the curse (and the Phantom) is trapped and only Nikki Grace has the ability- the acting ability- to save her.

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Inland Empire is by far the most difficult film I've ever seen. It's three hours long, and the second half of it is literally impossible to understand in any way. I would never recommend the movie to anyone who isn't a huge David Lynch fan. That being said, I really like Inland Empire a lot. I've seen it three times.

Inland empire movie review film summary 2007 roger ebert

Inland Empire is incredibly confusing and crazy. The plot and character progression do not seem to be in a traditional linear motion. We watch many scenes multiple times throughout the movie and hear the same lines continually repeated by different characters.

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Inland Empire is, as with so many of Lynch's movies, a meditation on the unacknowledged and unnoticed strangeness of Hollywood and movie-making in general, though I am bound to say that it does.

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Inland Empire movie reviews & Metacritic score: The latest hallucinatory vision from the iconoclastic director of "Blue Velvet" and "Twin Peaks," Inland Empire stars Laura Dern in a tour-de-force performance...

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Inland Empire subtitles. AKA: Inland Empire: A Woman in Trouble. A Story of a mystery...A mystery inside worlds within worlds...Unfolding around a woman...A woman in love and in trouble.. An actress's perception of reality becomes increasingly distorted as she finds herself falling for her co-star in a remake of an unfinished Polish production that was supposedly cursed.

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Inland Empire. Directed by: David Lynch. Starring: Justin Theroux, Jeremy Irons, Laura Dern. Genres: Surrealism, Psychological Thriller, Psychological Horror, Mystery, Experimental. Rated the #8 best film of 2006, and #678 in the greatest all-time movies (according to RYM users).

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