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"Jack Frost" is the kind of movie that makes you want to take the temperature, if not feel for the pulse, of the filmmakers. What possessed anyone to think this was a plausible idea for a movie? It's a bad film, yes, but that's not the real problem. "Jack Frost" could have been co-directed by Orson Welles and Steven Spielberg and still be unwatchable, because of that damned snowman.

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1 images of the Jack Frost (1997) cast of characters. Photos of the Jack Frost (1997) (Movie) voice actors.

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A movie like this is supposed to make you laugh and make you cry, but Jack Frost just leaves you cold. Full Review. Rachel O'Malley Boston Phoenix. March 24, 2002.

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Directed by Aleksandr Rou. With Aleksandr Khvylya, Natalya Sedykh, Eduard Izotov, Inna Churikova. A fairy-tale about a conceited young man and a young woman with a tyrannical step-mother, who must overcome magical trials in order to be together.

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Directed by Michael Cooney. With Scott MacDonald, Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendel, F. William Parker. After an accident that left murderer Jack Frost dead in genetic material the vengeful killer returns as a murderous snowman to exact his revenge on the man who sent him to be executed

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Directed by Peter Ramsey. With Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Isla Fisher, Chris Pine. When the evil spirit Pitch launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children all around the world.

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Directed by Troy Miller. With Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston, Joseph Cross, Mark Addy. A father who can't keep his promises, dies in a car accident. One year later, he returns as a snowman, who has the final chance to put things right with his son, before he is gone forever.

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Frozen Elsa and Jack Frost kissing | Frozen baby Elsa and Jack Frost movie games for kids. Isabellacooper63. 14:21. Frozen ELSA pregnant with JACK FROST - Frozen ELSA and JACK FROST have a baby. Robertpack24. 1:00:00. Jack Frost (1998) Full Movie. Bell Villarreal. 15:03. Jack Frost (1998) Full Movie Part 1.

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JACK FROST is a hilarious movie, great!!!, but what about gore and scares??? NO PROBLEM BUDDIES!, in spite of its funny moments, the film remains a real, gory shocker. The murders are very graphics and originals : the snowman makes someone swallow the handle of an axe ( which is obviously the best medicine for a frog in the throat, Jack should.

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Jack Frost (1998) Full Cast & Crew. Directed by (1) Writing credits (5) Cast (45) Produced by (6) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (1) Production Design by (1) Art Direction by (1) Set Decoration by (1) Costume Design by (1) Makeup Department (2) Production Management (2)

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Jack Frost (Russian: Морозко, Morozko) is a 1964 Soviet romantic fantasy film made by Gorky Film Studio.It was based on a traditional Russian fairy tale Morozko.. A version with an English dub was released in 1966 in the U.S. It was directed by Alexander Rou, and starred Eduard Izotov as Ivan, Natalya Sedykh as Nastenka, and Alexander Khvylya as Father Frost.

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Jack Frost 3: The Last Coming is a 2020 horror comedy thriller film and was held back for many time due to actor Christoper Allport's is now starring in Air Buds: A Halloween Special. As a result, the film was seemingly canceled, but now has come back after being convinced by god. The film begins with footage from the previous film-The boat is crushed by the giant carrot, but Sam and Anne end.

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Jack Frost is a 1979 Christmas stop motion animated television special produced by Rankin/Bass Productions. It was directed by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin, Jr., written by Romeo Muller, narrated by Buddy Hackett, and starring Robert Morse, Debra Clinger, and Paul Frees. The special premiered on NBC on December 13, 1979, and tells the tale of Jack Frost and his adventures as a human.

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Jack Frost is a 1997 American direct-to-video slasher film written and directed by Michael Cooney.The movie takes place in the fictional town of Snowmonton, where (on the week before Christmas) a truck carrying serial killer Jack Frost (Scott MacDonald) to his execution crashes into a genetics truck. The genetic material causes Jack's body to mutate and fuse together with the snow on the ground.

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Jack Frost is a 1998 American fantasy film starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston.Keaton played the title character, a father killed in a car accident before returning to life as a snowman.Three of Frank Zappa's four children, Dweezil Zappa, Ahmet Zappa, and Moon Unit Zappa, appear in the film. Jack Frost was released in Australia on December 10, 1998, a day prior to its American release.

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Jack Frost is a very interesting comedy horror film. I thought the idea of a killer snowman film was interesting, and the poster art was cool too.

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Jack Frost is the nasty spirit of winter and the main antagonist in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. He was portrayed by Martin Short, who also played the Jester in Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return, Mr Willoughby in The Willoghby's, and Huy in DreamWorks' The Prince of Egypt.

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Jack Frost is the protagonist in the animated film Rise of the Guardians, as well as a supernatural being much like the Guardians. But unlike the others he is a loner, the classic rebel without a cause. He too is immortal, eternally young, charismatic, intelligent, and very handsome. As the manifestation of winter, Jack Frost is capable of manipulating ice and snow; he is able to create strong.

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Jack Frost is the tale of a man who's trying to be a father, a husband, a breadwinner, and he's trying to do what he loves to do. Ultimately he realizes that if you don't pay attention to the.

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Jack Frost is the tale of a man who's trying to be a father, a husband, a breadwinner, and he's trying to do what he loves to do. Ultimately he realizes that if you don't pay attention to the.

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