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A director whose quick-witted and full-blooded approach to genre filmmaking has won him both mainstream success and a cult following, John Carpenter was born in Carthage, NY, in 1948.

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A few months ago I watched Ghosts of Mars for the first time and mentioned that I hadn’t seen about half of legendary horror director John Carpenter’s filmography. I caught a lot of flack for.

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All 20 John Carpenter Movies Ranked From Worst To Best Posted on April 26, 2017 June 23, 2020 by Shane Scott-Travis “John Carpenter is a filmmaker who is unashamed to stay within the genres he loves (horror and science fiction) and who practices his trade like a master craftsman.”

Every john carpenter movie ranked

All 20 John Carpenter Movies Ranked From Worst To Best. Posted on April 26, 2017 June 23, 2020 by Shane Scott-Travis. 7. Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

Every john carpenter movie ranked

All John Carpenter Movies Ranked by Tomatometer. John Carpenter was still a student at USC when he started piecing together what would become his first feature: 1974’s Dark Star, a sci-fi comedy about intrepid goofballs in deep space.Carpenter not only directed, but also wrote, produced, and scored the music — a DIY approach that would characterize his most legendary work.

Every john carpenter movie ranked

All John Carpenter’s movies Ranked (According to IMDb, RT, Metacritic & Letterboxd) by DeathByFilms. John Carpenter has left a lasting impression on film fans and film makers alike, due to his ground breaking movies, from the likes of Halloween, Escape From New York and The Thing.

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All of John Carpenter's movies, ranked by my personal preference. Haven't seen "Someone Watching Me", "Pro-Life", or his early short films, and I've left out some of his writing-only credits, but otherwise a complete list.

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Because I needed an excuse to write about his movies (and because this is the internet), I ranked all 18 of Carpenter’s theatrically released films, which was actually a tricky progress.

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Carpenter’s movies span a range of genres—from sci-fi to rom-com—but he’s known as the Master of Horror for good reason. In the list below, we’ve combined Metacritic, IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes scores to create the ultimate ranking of Carpenter’s filmography, deciding once and for all which is his best movie.

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Having finishing watching & reviewing his entire filmography, the following is a list of John Carpenter films ranked from most impressive to least. Do refer to the notes section (and also my reviews) for a more detailed observation on the ranking choices made here. And as always, any feedback is much appreciated.

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Here are the ten best John Carpenter movies. 10 Christine (1983): 6.7 Based on the chilling Stephen King novel of the same name, Christine is a supernatural horror film about a nerdy teenager who purchases a vintage 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine, only to find out that the car has a jealous mind of its own and a deadly personality.

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Highest-grossing films. This is a list of films directed by John Carpenter that grossed more than $10 million at the US box office according to Box Office Mojo.Carpenter's films have grossed domestically a total of more than $282 million, with an average of $18 million per film.

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In the spirit of Halloween, we're ranking every movie from horror legend John Carpenter from worst to best, from his thrilling classics to his lesser known pics.

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John Carpenter Movies Can Be Ranked 6 Ways In This Table The really cool thing about this table is that it is “user-sortable”. Rank the movies anyway you want. Sort John Carpenter movies by co-stars of his movies. Sort John Carpenter movies by adjusted domestic box office grosses using current movie ticket cost (in millions)

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John Carpenter and horror films go together like Michael Myers and big kitchen knife, but if you dive deep into his filmography, you'll find a surprisingly eclectic body of work, populated with.

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John Carpenter is a prolific director most well-known in the horror space, but who has also contributed greatly to the action and science fiction genres. An American filmmaker, screenwriter, and composer, Carpenter directed 21 films in his career as a filmmaker, most of which he also composed or co-composed the score for.. Interested in movies from a young age, Carpenter began shooting horror.

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John Carpenter is an American filmmaker, screenwriter and composer, known mainly for the Halloween franchise. He is mostly associated with genres like action, horror and science fiction. Though many of films have been unsuccessful, some of them have also become known as cult classics.

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John Carpenter’s best movies come in many forms, from horror to sci-fi and even a little bit of Western. We rank them all, including Halloween, The Thing, Escape From New York, and more.

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Now, my favorite films as a more mature person, when I was learning about what the director is and does, probably a lot of them were Howard Hawks movies, like Only Angels Have Wings and Rio Bravo.In Hawks’ world, Only Angels Have Wings and Rio Bravo are his visions of adventure stories with male groups, and men and women’s relationships, and life and death and danger.

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Ranking: Every John Carpenter Movie from Worst to Best A complete dissection of the antiheroes and creeps from The Horror Master

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