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2009's Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, stays mostly true to historical events but makes a few tweaks for dramatic purposes.Writer-director Michael Mann recreated transformative moments in the life of John Dillinger, and even filmed at the actual locations where the infamous American bankrobber squared off against FBI agents.

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Despite plenty of star power (Johnny Depp, Christian Bale) and a marquee director (Michael Mann), the movie earned middling reviews. It brought in less than $100 million at the U.S. box office.

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Directed by Michael Mann. With Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, Christian Stolte, Jason Clarke. The Feds try to take down notorious American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s.

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For John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) it was a time of infinite possibilities and opportunities. To combat the sharp incline in rampant criminal activity, J. Edgar Hoover (Billy Crudup) forms the FBI, led by Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale). Together they target Dillinger as public enemy number one. Relying on new methods of intelligence gathering.

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John Dillinger! Robbing banks! Nemesis of J. Edgar Hoover! Seriously, you have a movie about John Dillinger, starring Johnny Depp, with Christian Bale. It's by Michael Mann, of stylish Miami Vice fame. How can these people make a movie this dull, this slow, this plodding. Seriously, it's beyond me.

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John Herbert Dillinger (June 22, 1903 – July 22, 1934) was an American gangster of the Great Depression.He led a group known as the "Dillinger Gang" which was accused of robbing 24 banks and 4 police stations.Dillinger escaped from jail twice. He was charged but not convicted of the murder of an East Chicago, Indiana, police officer who shot Dillinger in his bullet-proof vest during a shootout.

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John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. is the main protagonist of Public Enemies (2009). He is shown to be a gangster and criminal. He was played by Johnny Depp, who also portrayed John Shooter in Secret Window, Sweeney Todd in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, a version of Tony Shepard in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The Wolf in Into the Woods, Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic.

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Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, a notorious and charismatic bank robber whom the FBI declares to be "Public Enemy No. 1".Depp was involved in a film adaptation of Shantaram which was postponed in late 2007, allowing him to star in Public Enemies. He was officially cast that December. Depp described Dillinger as a " of the people...There is a Robin Hood edge to John Dillinger."

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Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, a notorious and charismatic bank robber whom the FBI declares to be "Public Enemy No. 1".Depp was involved in a film adaptation of Shantaram which was postponed in late 2007, allowing him to star in Public Enemies.He was officially cast that December.

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Johnny Depp is an American actor, producer and musician. He started his film career by playing Glen Lantz in the 1984 horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street.He also appeared in the 1986 film Platoon with Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Willem Dafoe.In the 1990s, he starred as the title characters in the films Cry-Baby (1990), Edward Scissorhands (1990), Arizona Dream (1993), What's Eating.

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Johnny Depp stars as outlaw John Dillinger in Public Enemies and is seen wearing several vintage style frames during outdoor scenes throughout the film, the first is a simple acetate tortoise shell frame while the other sunglasses are a thin wire-frame in silver/gold with red-tinted lenses, similar in shape to a style worn in a previous Johnny Depp film, The Ninth Gate.

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Johnny Depp, Actor: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Johnny Depp is perhaps one of the most versatile actors of his day and age in Hollywood. He was born John Christopher Depp II in Owensboro, Kentucky, on June 9, 1963, to Betty Sue (Wells), who worked as a waitress, and John Christopher Depp, a civil engineer. Depp was raised in Florida.

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Most people know that the movie about gangster John Dillinger (played by Depp) is based on a true story. But what’s fact and what’s fiction in this biographical drama? Who was John Dillinger? RELATED: 5 of the Best Films About Real-Life Gangsters. Dillinger was a Depression-era criminal who gained infamy as a bank robber and a thief.

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Perhaps most enticing of all, however, is how one particular garment, a plain wool overcoat, actually powers the narrative of the film. It is the coat that killed John Dillinger. When we meet John Dillinger (played by Johnny Depp), his criminal career, primarily as a bank robber, is in full swing.

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Perhaps the biggest: The appearance of Public Enemies, the 2009 historical drama centered on the final years of the infamous bank robber John Dillinger (Johnny Depp), all the way up at #3.

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Public Enemies (2009) Johnny Depp as John Dillinger. John Dillinger : I was a wild boy, and, well, I was foolish. I held up a grocery store, which I never should have done 'cause Mr. Morgan was a good man.

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RELATED: Winona Ryder Talks About Her Experience with Johnny Depp Amid His Legal Battle with Amber Heard Like most films based on real-life events, Public Enemies tweaks some facts.Some changes are made to the timeline. For example, Dillinger’s fellow criminals George “Baby Face” Nelson and Homer Van Meter are shown being killed before Dillinger, when in reality they died after him.

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The film opens in 1933 as John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) is brought to the Indiana State Prison by his partner John "Red" Hamilton (Jason Clarke), under the disguise of a prisoner drop (with Dillinger posing as the prisoner). Inside the prison, several gang members, Charles Makley (Christian Stolte), Harry Pierpont (David Wenham), Ed Shouse.

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The film stars Johnny Depp as the notorious bank robber John Dillinger, and it's based on Bryan Burrough's book "Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI.

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