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"Dillinger" is the film, we may speculate, that John Milius was born to make: violent, tough, filled with guns and blood. Milius is the hot young screenwriter whose credits to date include "Jeremiah Johnson" and "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean." And if we may believe published reports, his contracts all specify that he be provided with a rare and expensive rifle in addition to his salary.

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2009's Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, stays mostly true to historical events but makes a few tweaks for dramatic purposes.Writer-director Michael Mann recreated transformative moments in the life of John Dillinger, and even filmed at the actual locations where the infamous American bankrobber squared off against FBI agents.

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After the movie has finished, the federal agents surrounded John Dillinger, and he decided to shoot his way out. That is when he was killed. Though it is widely reported that John’s last words were ‘you got me’, the agents who killed John Dillinger say that he died in silence.

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Because the movie mostly delves into Dillinger's later life, there might still be some things that you don't know about John Dillinger—here's the real true story of the gangster's life and death.

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Dillinger and the two women--Sage in an orange skirt that looked red in the light of the marquee--left the Biograph about 10:30 p.m. More than 20 law-enforcement officers were waiting.

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Dillinger is a 1945 gangster film noir telling the story of John Dillinger.. The film was directed by Max Nosseck. Dillinger was the first major film to star Lawrence Tierney.The B-movie was shot in black and white and features a smoke-bomb bank robbery edited into the film from the 1937 Fritz Lang film You Only Live Once.The film was released on DVD by Warner Bros. for the Film Noir Classic.

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Dillinger is a 1973 American gangster film about the life and criminal exploits of notorious bank robber John Dillinger.It stars Warren Oates as Dillinger, Ben Johnson as his pursuer, FBI Agent Melvin Purvis, and Cloris Leachman as the "Lady in Red" who made it possible for Purvis to kill Dillinger. It also features the first film performance by the singer Michelle Phillips as Dillinger's moll.

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Dillinger was one of the better films based the life and crime of John Dillinger and even though there are a few libities taken with historic fact, it makes up for those gripes with some of the best shoot-outs put on film and also introducing a few fresh-faced actors, notably Richard Dreyfuss as Baby-face Nelson.

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Directed by John Milius. With Warren Oates, Ben Johnson, Michelle Phillips, Cloris Leachman. John Dillinger and his gang go on a bank robbing spree across the midwest, but one G-Man is determined to bring him down.

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Directed by Max Nosseck. With Lawrence Tierney, Edmund Lowe, Anne Jeffreys, Eduardo Ciannelli. John Dillinger begins his life of crime as a petty thief, meets his future gang in prison and eventually masterminds a series of daring robberies.

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Directed by Michael Mann. With Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, Christian Stolte, Jason Clarke. The Feds try to take down notorious American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s.

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Finally, watch a 1945 John Dillinger movie that offers a different perspective than the 2009 Johnny Depp Public Enemies movie. WATCH. John Dillinger Death News Reel. This vintage news reel recounts the criminal life and death of John Dillinger, from his numerous escapes to crossing the Indiana state line, which put the FBI on his tail. We learn.

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In 1934, Dillinger was shot and killed in a setup by the FBI outside of a movie theater in Chicago. Early Life John Herbert Dillinger was born on June 22, 1903, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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John Dillinger, Self: Dillinger: Public Enemy No. 1. One of the most famous bank robbers in history, he was born John Herbert Dillinger on June 22, 1903, to a grocery store owner named John Wilson Dillinger and his wife Mollie (the family also included an older sister, Audrey). By all accounts the Dillingers were a normal "all-American" family, but the normality was broken when John was three.

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John Dillinger, in full John Herbert Dillinger, (born June 22, 1903, Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.—died July 22, 1934, Chicago, Illinois), American criminal who was perhaps the most famous bank robber in U.S. history, known for a series of robberies and escapes from June 1933 to July 1934.

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John Dillinger’s headstone, chipped by souvenir hunters. Wikipedia. Forensic exhumations aren’t all that uncommon, but doing one on a body encased in concrete definitely is. Tomb security has.

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John Herbert Dillinger (June 22, 1903 – July 22, 1934) was an American gangster of the Great Depression.He led a group known as the "Dillinger Gang" which was accused of robbing 24 banks and 4 police stations.Dillinger escaped from jail twice. He was charged but not convicted of the murder of an East Chicago, Indiana, police officer who shot Dillinger in his bullet-proof vest during a shootout.

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John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. was a Midwestern bank robber, auto thief, and fugitive who captured the national imagination until the FBI caught up with him in 1934.

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John Milius's Dillinger is a somewhat of a romanticized retelling of criminal John Dillinger's exploits. Dillinger is a flawed film that though is entertaining and worth seeing, it ignores several.

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Public Enemies (2009) Johnny Depp as John Dillinger. John Dillinger : I was a wild boy, and, well, I was foolish. I held up a grocery store, which I never should have done 'cause Mr. Morgan was a good man.

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