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A couple of sexy, scantily clad and soaking wet young women knock on the door of a happily married, middle-aged husband and father of two—who happens to be home alone on a long, holiday weekend—in Eli Roth’s “Knock Knock.”. The words “Eli Roth” in front of the title should tell you that it won’t just be about illicit, titillating fun, followed by an obligatory bit of remorse.

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A knock is heard at the door. Evan goes to answer and finds two beautiful women, Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bel (Ana de Armas), soaking wet. Genesis says they were on their way to a party but she left her phone at home and Bel got hers wet.

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Dorm of the Dead’s (2012) Toby Conto, Jr. wrote, directed, produced, edited and even acted in Knock Knock, his second feature film.The cast includes Kerry Tartack (The Newton Boys 1998), Rachel Atterson, Sisi Berry, Chuk Hell and Lucas Alexander Ayoub (The Golden Rut 2016) as the mysterious neighbor.Steven Canham (Prophecy of the Quill 2016) composed the score.

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Hoop-Tober 2.0, Film 15 of 31: After a lackluster first forty minutes (and aside from the expectedly poor script), Knock Knock does pick up a bit mid-way through the second act, once it embraces total absurdity; it is, at the very least, a better attempt than The Green Inferno. Neither film, however, are nearly as good as Jon Watts' Clown, which Roth produced and was featured in.

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Knock Knock (2015) is a Chilean-American mystery thriller horror movie that had a $3 million budget and exceeded my expectations. Director and co-writer Eli Roth (Grindhouse (2007), Cabin Fever (2002), Hostel (2005), Hostel: Part II (2007)) did an excellent job with his sense of humor displayed all over the film.Eli Roth could have done better, but the movie was more entertaining than I.

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Knock Knock (Movie Review) October 9, 2015 by: Chris Bumbray. This review was originally published as part of our Sundance Film Festival coverage. PLOT: A family man.

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Knock Knock 2015 Directed by Eli Roth Starring Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, and Ana de Armas SYNOPSIS: When a devoted husband and father is left home alone for the weekend, two stranded young women.

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Knock Knock Trailer #2 Has Keanu Reeves in a Threesome Nightmare B. Alan Orange Aug 31, 2015. A devoted father makes the biggest mistake of his life in the latest trailer for director Eli Roth's.

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Knock Knock begins with a happily married man, Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves), who is seeing his family off as they head out to enjoy a family-planned beach vacation. Evan decides to stay home due to having too much work as he has a demanding career as an architect. So, he has the entire house to himself for the weekend.

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Knock Knock brings a lot of talent to bear on its satirical approach to torture horror, but not effectively enough to overcome its repetitive story or misguidedly campy tone. 37% TOMATOMETER

Knock knock movie review

Knock Knock is a 2015 American erotic thriller film directed by Eli Roth, who also co-wrote the script with Guillermo Amoedo and Nicolás López.The film stars Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, and Ana de Armas.The film was released on October 9, 2015, by Lionsgate Premiere. Knock Knock is a remake of the 1977 film Death Game, which was directed by Peter S. Traynor and starred Sondra Locke and.

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Knock Knock is a midnight movie that never comes to fruition, wasting a stellar concept and cast on forced B-movie antics that are far too unfunny for Roth's talents.

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Knock Knock is a pretty flimsy erotic thriller, but thanks to Reeves’ oaken obliviousness it’s also got a few moments of deliciously trashy fun. It’s like Fatal Attraction for the naked.

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Knock Knock movie reviews & Metacritic score: When a devoted husband and father (Keanu Reeves) is left home alone for the weekend, two stranded young women (Lorenza Izzo & Ana de Armas) unexpectedly knock o...

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Knock Knock review – Keanu Reeves may not be all there 3 / 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars.. How the sex movie got its groove back. Read more Several production credits aside, Eli Roth has been.

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Knock Knock, a cheap copy of Funny Games, Fatal Attraction, and god knows what else,, is a sexual but not sexy thriller that tells the story of Bel and Genesis, two "Femme fatales" that wreck not just the home of a married Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) but also his life. First and foremost, Genesis and Bel are far from being femme fatales.

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Knock knock is directed by the controversial Eli Roth surprisingly this movie is his best the actors are amazing but parents BE WARNED: the content in this film is graphic in nudity, sexuality, violence, and language...there are graphic 3 way sex scenes that feature breast, bare bottoms, brief glimpses of male gentility penis, testicles ect.

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Parents need to know that Knock Knock is a home invasion thriller that also deals with pedophilia, torture, and revenge. Women's naked breasts and bottoms are seen, and there's an extended three-person sex scene that includes implied oral sex and skin-on-skin close-ups, as well as plenty of sex talk.

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Review Film – Nama Eli Roth mungkin sudah cukup dikenal oleh penggemar film dengan genre horor atau thriller. Makanya ketika dia merilis film terbaru berjudul Knock-Knock ini, cukup banyak penggemar film yang memacu adrenalin ini menaruh banyak harapan. Apalagi melihat aktor utama yang bermain adalah nama besar Keanu Reeves. Saya yang biasanya sangat menghindari film sejenis ini […]

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Review Knock Knock movie jadi salah satu film Keanu Reeves yang mengangkat film tema keluarga yang dikemas dengan tampilan thriller. Film ini mampu menembus box office hingga memperoleh.

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