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A Red State Member since Oct 2013 9255 posts re: Waco - the FBI should be razed to the ground Posted by The Quiet One on 4/22/20 at 4:38 am to The Quiet One Was there any definitive proof of illegal weapons, grenades, chemical weapons or drug trafficking presented?

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David Koresh (/ k ə ˈ r ɛ ʃ /; born Vernon Wayne Howell; August 17, 1959 – April 19, 1993) was an American cult leader and musician who played a central role in the Waco siege of 1993. As the head of the Branch Davidians sect, an offshoot of the Davidian Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Koresh claimed to be its final prophet.

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Directed by Jan de Bont. With Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz. Bill and Jo Harding, advanced storm chasers on the brink of divorce, must join together to create an advanced weather alert system by putting themselves in the cross-hairs of extremely violent tornadoes.

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Directed by Kevin Smith. With Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, John Goodman, Michael Angarano. Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.

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Directed by R.G. Springsteen. With Howard Keel, Jane Russell, Brian Donlevy, Wendell Corey. A lawless town asks the state governor to pardon an imprisoned gunfighter in order to hire him as sheriff but various factions plan to kill the new sheriff and take over the town.

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If nothing else, Red State is memorable. A trio of horny teenage boys gets baited and captured by an armed to the teeth fanatical cult. The attempted escape of two of them precipitates a Waco on steroids violent showdown between the cult in their compound and ATF agents outside that have botched the situation and are ordered to take drastic measures to clean up their mistake.

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Jesse Washington was an African-American seventeen year old farmhand who was lynched in the county seat of Waco, Texas, on May 15, 1916, in what became a well-known example of racially motivated lynching. Washington was convicted of raping and murdering Lucy Fryer, the wife of his white employer in rural Robinson, Texas.He was chained by his neck and dragged out of the county court by observers.

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Kevin Smith’s “Red State” – the tenth film in his directorial oeuvre and the ninth he wrote – takes place in the rural south and portrays a hate church in the vein of Fred Phelps’s Westboro Baptist Church that begins stockpiling weapons while kidnapping men to push an agenda of hate.

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Miller was strong: a former high school football player in Waco, Texas, he was the ship’s heavyweight boxing champion. Sounds like an amazing movie. Maybe someday it will be. “Miller went topside, carried wounded on his shoulders, made several trips up and down, wading through waist-deep water, oil-slicked decks, struggling uphill on slick.

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Red State (2011) de Kevin Smith Thriller Arlington Road (de Mark Pellington , 1999), avec Jeff Bridges et Tim Robbins , s'inspire librement du siège de Waco et de l'attentat d'Oklahoma City. Waco est cité dans le film 10 Cloverfield Lane de Dan Trachtenberg, en 2016.

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Red State K evin Smith's new film shows flashes of a bizarre sort of genius, particularly its apocalyptic finale, featuring some heavy duty military hardware. Evidently inspired by the 1993 Waco.

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Red State is a 2011 American independent horror thriller film written and directed by Kevin Smith and starring Michael Parks, John Goodman, Michael Angarano, Melissa Leo, and Stephen Root.. After months of saying that the distribution rights to the film would be auctioned off immediately after the premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Smith controversially announced that he was instead going.

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Red State is a fictional type story that resembles and mocks the events in Waco. Three High School kids, from a small town, decide to use the internet to find a prostitute. They think they found a bargain, but when they arrived they quickly discovered that all their lives are now in danger.

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RedState - Where the VRWC Collaborates Online. Despite the media’s panic-driven narrative of Pres. Trump suppressing the mail-in vote come November…

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Remember back to or look up what happened in the 1993 Waco siege involving Branch Davidians living in Texas and you are in the terrain covered by Red State in a story sense. Breaking the rules I

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Ruby Ridge was the site of an 11-day siege in 1992 in Boundary County, Idaho, near Naples.It began on August 21, when deputies of the United States Marshals Service (USMS) initiated action to apprehend and arrest Randy Weaver under a bench warrant after his failure to appear on firearms charges. Given three conflicting dates for his court appearance, and suspecting a conspiracy against him.

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S01:E01 - Waco: Madman or Messiah - Part 1 Followers from around the world travel to Mount Carmel to hear the teachings of David Koresh. S01:E02 - Waco: Madman or Messiah - Part 2

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The Waco siege was the law enforcement siege of the compound that belonged to the religious sect Branch Davidians.It was carried out by American federal, Texas state law enforcement, and the U.S. military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993. The Branch Davidians were led by David Koresh and were headquartered at Mount Carmel Center ranch in the community of Axtell, Texas, 13 miles (21.

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The horror is derived from real life hatred and the violence that people are capable of committing. Also unlike most slasher films, all violence and death in Red State is done with firearms. The movie however does feature numerous horror genre tropes where comparisons can be made between it and The Devil's Rejects and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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