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'Movie Review: Rocky Balboa (2006)' have 4 comments. June 18, 2008 @ 2:39 am Ojay. Yes, I agree with you about Adrian. Yo, Adrian! Talia Shire missing from Rocky Balboa created a whole that this latest release of the Rocky series could not dig their way out of. Rocky Balboa was a little painful to watch.

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According to Stallone, ‚ÄúRocky Balboa‚ÄĚ is the closing chapter of the Rocky saga. If this is the case, then Stallone ended it wonderfully. Shades of the original Rocky movie were definitely apparent as the emotion and intensity, which were in the original, can also be seen in this final chapter.

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Movie review rocky balboa fernby films

And even here the movie looks like a genre fight picture from the 1940s, right down to the plucky little gymnasium manager (Burgess Meredith) who puts Rocky through training, and right down to the lonely morning ritual of rising at four, drinking six raw eggs, and going out to do roadwork. What makes the movie extraordinary is that it doesn't.

Movie review rocky balboa fernby films

Boxing Movie Review: ‚ÄėRocky‚Äô is the sport‚Äôs greatest film success, and Stallone‚Äôs crowning achievement. and while Stallone denies that the actual Rocky Balboa character is based on.

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But he's back for one last wildly implausible shot at heavyweight boxing glory - in a movie called Rocky Balboa. Just that. Not Rocky 10 or Rocky 18, but Rocky Balboa, which is evidently supposed.

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Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Burt Young, Antonio Tarver, Geraldine Hughes, Milo Ventimiglia, Tony Burton, A.J. Benza, James Francis Kelly III Director: Sylvester Stallone Writer: Sylvester Stallone Director Of Photography: Clark Mathis Rating: PG Running Time: 102 min. Synopsis: When he loses a highly publicized virtual boxing match to ex-champ Rocky Balboa, reigning heavyweight titleholder.

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Directed by Sylvester Stallone. With Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Tarver, Milo Ventimiglia, Burt Young. Thirty years after the ring of the first bell, Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement and dons his gloves for his final fight; against the reigning heavyweight champ Mason 'The Line' Dixon.

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Like ‚ÄúRocky,‚ÄĚ the Bicentennial fantasy that inaugurated the series, ‚ÄúRocky Balboa‚ÄĚ is a skeletal movie, a live-action cartoon that operates on cartoon logic.

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Movie Critic Dave gives his thoughts and opinions on the newest films and Hollywood news When he loses a highly publicized virtual boxing match to ex-champ Rocky Balboa, reigning heavyweight titleholder, Mason Dixon retaliates by challenging Rocky to a nationally televised, 10-round exhibition bout.

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Movie Review. Decades after his famous heavyweight title bouts and two world championships, Rocky Balboa is a living Philadelphia legend. Tragically, his beloved Adrian has passed away from cancer, leaving the famed 59-year-old fighter to face his latter years mostly alone.

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ROCKY BALBOA is an uplifting movie, showing real people battling real life struggles. The characters are well developed and believable. The antagonist, Mason Dixon, is not a villain, but a misguided young man searching for what matters, with Rocky being a willing teacher. The integrity and moral fiber of this movie are an inspiration.

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ROCKY Balboa (Sylvester Stallone ) is a sweet-natured, but not very bright boxer and small-time enforcer for a loan-shark.He has a crush on Adrian (Talia Shire), the painfully shy sister of his friend, Pauly ().When heavyweight champ Apollo Creed's (Carl Weathers) upcoming fight is cancelled, he and his promoters decide to give an unknown a shot at the title, and pick Rocky.

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Read the Empire Movie review of Rocky Balboa. If you hear the Rocky theme and think 118 118 , you might wonder what all the fuss is about. For...

Rocky balboa movie review

Rocky Balboa (2006) is truly the best Rocky Movie since Rocky III and IV, maybe the best of all time!! Still the first movie is the best, Rocky Balboa is close to the first film, the best movie in the series of all time! It is my second favorite best film In the series.

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Rocky Balboa - Former heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa steps out of retirement and back into the ring, putting himself against a new rival in a dramatically different era. After a virtual boxing match declares Rocky Balboa the victor over current champion Mason "The Line" Dixon, the legendary fighter's passion and spirit are reignited. But when his desire to fight in small, regional.

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Rocky Balboa Movie Review. Summary: Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement to step into the ring for the last time and face the heavyweight champ Mason 'The Line' Dixon.

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Rocky Balboa is a 2006 American sports drama film written, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone.The film, which features Stallone as underdog boxer Rocky Balboa, is the sequel to the 1990 film Rocky V, and the sixth installment in the Rocky series that began with the Academy Award-winning Rocky thirty years earlier in 1976. The film portrays an aging Balboa in retirement, a widower.

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Rocky Balboa is not an action movie. During the first 70 minutes, the movie is primarily dialogue and reminiscences. It contains some of the best acting Stallone has ever done. This is the same Rocky we have gotten to know over the years, but here we see his vulnerability.

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Rocky Balboa the game is the complete opposite of Rocky Balboa the movie. That is, it isn't very interesting and it has a severe lack of fun.. Rocky Balboa Review. 4.7. bad. PSP. Recommends. 2h-15.

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