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A shadow crosses Carl. He looks up to see Russell floating off, hanging from a BUNCH OF BALLOONS. CARL Russell! RUSSELL I'm gonna help Kevin, even if you won't! Russell fires up a LEAF BLOWER and steers himself off into the sky. CARL No, Russell! No! Carl runs back to his house and tries in desperation to lift it. He struggles, but the house.

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Actor Russell Crowe has said that the first script that he read for his Oscar-winning film Gladiator was ‘so bad’. Crowe won an Academy Award for his performance as a widowed Roman general.

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And thanks to the fact that this film by a start-up studio will be the first American movie to open wide in mid COVID 19 pandemic, it’s the best showcase Russell Crowe‘s had in forever. Sure, it’s a B-picture, a straight-up rage-on-the-road genre movie in the “Duel,””Changing Lanes” or “Falling Down” mold.

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Directed by Pete Docter, Bob Peterson. With Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai, John Ratzenberger, Christopher Plummer. 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen travels to Paradise Falls in his house equipped with balloons, inadvertently taking a young stowaway.

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Disney and Pixar's 10th animated film tells about an old man named Carl Fredricksen and a young wilderness explorer named Russell who fly to South America in a floating house suspended from helium balloons in order to fulfill a promise to Carl's late wife.

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Gladiator alums Russell Crowe, Ridley Scott, Djimon Hounsou, and Connie Nielsen reflect on how they helped write the movie back in 2000.

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Gladiator star Russell Crowe has admitted that the original script for the classic 2000 epic was "so bad" that the producer didn't want to send him a copy.. While it's hard to imagine an Oscar.

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In the annals of movie legend, Russell Crowe has been talked up not as merely the man who brought Maximus Meridus to life on screen in Gladiator, but the man who gave him his voice. As recently as.

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RUSSELL: Good afternoon. My name is Russell. And I am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54, Sweat lodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir? CARL: No. RUSSELL: I could help you cross the street CARL: No. RUSSELL: I can help you cross your yard. CARL: No. RUSSELL: I could help you cross your porch. CARL: No. RUSSELL: Well, I gotta help you cross something.

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Russell Crowe was not entertained by the first script for "Gladiator," telling Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday that he almost didn't do the Best Picture-film because the original draft was "so bad."

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Russell Crowe's repeatedly delayed road-rage vehicle delivers exactly the nasty B-movie thrills you expect, with absolutely no dramatic extras. And yet, five pulpy minutes into “Unhinged,” you.

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Russell Crowe’s Contributions To The Gladiator Script Have Been ‘Greatly Exaggerated,’ According To The Movie’s Producer Mike Reyes Published: Jul. 12. 2020 11:20 AM

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Russell Howard. Russell Joseph Howard (born 23 March 1980) is an English comedian, television presenter, radio presenter and actor, best known for his TV shows Russell Howard's Good News and The Russell Howard Hour and his appearances on the topical panel TV show Mock the Week.

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Russell Peters. Russell Dominic Peters (born September 29, 1970) is a Canadian stand-up comedian and actor of Anglo-Indian descent. He began performing in Toronto in 1989 and won a Gemini Award in 2008. In 2013, he was number three on Forbes' list of the world's highest-paid comedians, and became the first comedian to get a Netflix stand-up.

Russell crowe signs on for a movie if the script gives him

Russell is the deuteragonist of Disney/Pixar's 2009 animated feature film, Up. He is a Junior Wilderness Explorer who accompanied Carl Fredricksen to Paradise Falls. Russell is a loud, hyperactive, anxious, high-strung, and curious, but fun-loving boy. His behavior and personality often annoyed Carl throughout the movie. That fact that he had chocolate with him suggests that he may like candy.

Russell crowe signs on for a movie if the script gives him

Russell: That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most. Alpha: This is alpha calling to dug, come in dug! Alpha: [On a communicator on Beta's collar] This.

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The "Up" script crushed our hearts in the opening five pages, only to spend the next ninety-five putting it back together. Let's look at some lessons for the script. I saw the movie Up in a theater in Ocean City, New Jersey on a family vacation. It was raining and there was nothing to do.

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UP Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seems to have passed him by, until a twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell) gives him a

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Unhinged script 'scared the s---' out of Russell Crowe Movie is one of the first major releases since the coronavirus outbreak began. By Clark Collis

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