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'Second Act': Film Review. 6:00 AM PST 12/20/2018 by Keith Uhlich. J.Lo looks movie-star fabulous in her many form-fitting dresses.. perhaps they can reclaim Second Act as a multilayered.

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As the movie of choice after a boozy brunch or as a way to decompress after holiday stress, Second Act-goofy and cliched, but not offensively either-will do fine. Full Review Carla Renata The.

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Directed by Anya Adams. With Michael Learned, John Wesley, Paige Herschell, J.C. Henning. In spite of prejudices impressed on them growing up, Lee (70s, Caucasian) and Ben (70s, African American) strike up a charming love affair over the course of an evening to discover love conquers all.

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Dove Review. Second Act is a movie that has a lot to say about life; it just says it rather crudely at times. For anyone who has ever wanted a second chance to take care of a blown opportunity or make up for a bad decision, this is a movie you can relate to.

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Even the boundless charms of Jennifer Lopez cannot overcome a mess of a script in “Second Act,” a mishmash that has as much of an identity crisis as its name-switching, past-hiding, resume-inflating main character. Perhaps there is a clue in the credits, where we learn that Lopez is the producer as well as the star. As is so often the case, here that means that the movie is more about what.

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Jennifer Lopez's new movie, Second Act, hits theaters on December 21. In our movie review, we talk to Leah Remini and Vanessa Hudgens about why it's perfect for anyone thinking about a career change.

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Movie Review. Street smarts don’t pay the bills. And 40-year-old Maya knows it all too well. Growing up as an orphan in New York City, Maya knew what it was to work hard. But lately, that hard work hasn’t been paying off.

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Parents need to know that Second Act is a workplace comedy about a woman named Maya (Jennifer Lopez) who uses a fake resume to land her dream job.It aims to show the value of "street smarts vs. book smarts," as well as the value of female friendship. While it would seem like the moral of the story should be "don't lie," all of Maya's dreams do eventually come true as a result of the fibs.

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Review: Jennifer Lopez doesn’t go anywhere new in the harmless, charming ‘Second Act’ Jennifer Lopez, left, and Vanessa Hudgens in the movie “Second Act.” (Barry Wetcher / STXfilms)

Second act movie review

SECOND ACT is a funny, enjoyable movie. The movie clearly is a lower budget movie, but the acting and plot is good enough to support it. Jennifer Lopez does a great job being believable in her character, and Venessa Hudgens has a twinkle in her eye and a dimple on her cheek, as usual.

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Second Act (2,853). My Amazon movie library is extensive but this film is so stretched by design more than half of my TV's real estate is dark. Filmmakers please stop the 21:9 or higher aspect ratio until TV sets are 21:9. It is beyond logic, idiotic to have this issue unresolved in 2019.

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Second Act Rating & Content Info Why is Second Act rated PG-13? Second Act is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some crude sexual references, and language . Violence: A woman pushes a man she is dancing with into a Christmas tree; he is uninjured. People release birds which fly into a truck and explode. Swirling feathers are shown.

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Second Act Review: Maya (Jennifer Lopez) is a high school dropout looking for a big career change. She knows her competition is highly educated B-school graduates, so it comes as a huge surprise.

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Second Act is a comedy in the vein of Working Girl and Maid In Manhattan. Jennifer Lopez stars as Maya, a 40-year-old woman struggling with frustrations from unfulfilled dreams. Until, that is.

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Second Act is also co-written by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Justin Zackham. While this is the first writing credit for Goldsmith-Thomas, Zackham is credited as writer for films such as The Bucket List and Paul Pott’s 2012 biographical film, One Chance.

Second act movie review film summary 2018 roger ebert

Second Act is an aspirational Pinterest board of a film, too bland to make an impression. If only the world saw street smarts as equal to book smarts, Maya wishes on her birthday. It’s a nice idea, but Second Act doesn’t possess smarts in either category. Read full review

Second act movie review film summary 2018 roger ebert

Second Act is an upcoming American romantic comedy film.The movie is directed by Peter Segal with the screenplay written by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Justin Zackham.This Film is produced by Jennifer Lopez, Elaine Goldsmith- Thomas, Justin Zackham, and Benny Medina.

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Second Act movie rating review for parents - Find out if Second Act is okay for kids with our complete listing of the sex, profanity, violence and more in the movie

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Second Act movie review: Jennifer Lopez's new movie Second Act is predictable and wildly unrealistic, but funny and joyful.

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Second Act review – Jennifer Lopez in ludicrous Working Girl knock-off 1 / 5 stars 1 out of 5 stars. A store worker deploys her street smarts to bowl over the boss of a beauty corporation in.

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