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"SELF/LESS | Movie Review" SELF/LESS | © 2015 Focus Features. Do you feel immortal? Reincarnation may be one of mankind’s greatest mysteries. Debate over it has been going on for centuries. Be it by religious and/or scientific beliefs, the fact is a soul leaving one’s body and entering another is a last strip of superstitious.


"Self/less" is a bland, generic product that almost defiantly refuses to explore the complex issues which it raises, perhaps in an effort to appeal to a wider audience. The narrative outline of “Self/less” is a philosophical theme park, readymade for daring, complex filmmaking.

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Directed by Tarsem Singh. With Ryan Reynolds, Natalie Martinez, Matthew Goode, Ben Kingsley. A dying real estate mogul transfers his consciousness into a healthy young body, but soon finds that neither the procedure nor the company that performed it are quite what they seem.

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Film Review: ‘Self/less’. “Self/less” cribs freely from just about every mind/body/reality swap movie of the past 50 years, with a particular (and uncredited) debt owed to director John.

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In Self/Less, as explained to Ben Kingsley's Donald Trump-esque real estate mogul, there is a secretive process, called "shedding," created by Professor Albright (Matthew Goode), that can transfer.

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Movie review of SELF/LESS starring Ryan Reynolds, Natalie Martinez, Matthew Goode, Ben Kingsley, Victor Garber, Derek Luke, Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen, Michelle Dockery

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Movie-Blogger's Most WantedSpeaking with the people who make this site tick! Self/Less Review Wes Nichols TV | July 11, 2015 | Review , Science Fiction , Thriller , Vlog , Vlog Movie Review | No Comments

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Parents need to know that Self/less is a sci-fi thriller starring Ryan Reynolds about a dying millionaire who gets the chance to buy a new body. The second half of the movie has lots of action/violence, including fighting, chasing, guns/shooting, car crashes, and houses and people on fire, though very little blood is shown.

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SELF/LESS also has some foul language and promiscuity, which partly depicts the corruption of the hedonistic society in the movie and in the protagonist before he realizes the truth. There’s also a lot of intense action violence with some bloodshed. So, extreme caution is advised for SELF/LESS.

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Self/Less Review. By Rich Cline. An intriguing premise keeps the audience gripped for about 20 minutes before the movie runs out of steam. Which is far too early.. Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Self/Less movie agrees with film history: immortality is a drag Read more There’s a Twilight Zone premise – though sadly no Twilight Zone brevity or script discipline – to this sci-fi thriller.

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Self/Less puts ageing tycoon Ben Kingsley into vigorous leading man Ryan Reynolds’ body, just as it makes over the premise of John Frankenheimer’s 1966 classic Seconds into 2015 action movie.

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Self/Less review: clue/less as soul of Ben Kingsley is put in Ryan Reynolds's body 2 / 5 stars 2 out of 5 stars.. Somewhere in there is a good movie. I suggest taking the negatives and seeing.

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Self/Less suggests plenty of questions about the nature of identity, the morality of scientific exploration, and the price of aging.But the script, penned by brothers David and Alex Pastor, doesn.

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Self/less doesn’t offer many surprises. It’s a lot like other body-switch thrillers, and is practically a remake of the 1966 John Frankenheimer rich-guy-buys-handsome-young-body tale “Seconds.” But it has generous pleasures. Read full review

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Self/less falls a bit short of what it could have been but still manages to deliver a thrilling action movie. Perhaps it would have been more suspenseful had we invested in the characters.

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Self/less is a 2015 American science fiction action thriller film directed by Tarsem Singh, produced by Ram Bergman and James D. Stern and written by Alex and David Pastor. The film tells the story of a business tycoon and billionaire named Damian Hale, who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, he manages to save his life with the aid of Professor Albright, who transfers Hale's.

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Self/less is a movie with ideas that are disappointingly traded in for a series of bland action sequences Full Review | Original Score: 2/5

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Self/less is exactly the movie you might expect, given its rating, its star and its summertime release: a crude, violent, intriguing popcorn flick. Too bad a better movie got lost along the way. Too bad a better movie got lost along the way.

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Self/less is fine. There is action, some good acting and crazy plot twists. But, the film is a soap opera on drugs, Reynolds's pathetic character On one hand, we have an insanely interesting movie, yet so pathetic. On the other, we have a major effort by Ryan Reynolds and Tarsem Singh. Self/less is fine.

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