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(The assumption is that people are conflating Sinbad’s genie-adjacent stage name with Shaquille O’Neal’s rapping genie movie Kazaam.) Refuted, that is, until now, because College Humor just posted a new video purporting to be footage from Shazaam , complete with Sinbad in a shiny purple costume.

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...As for Sinbad playing a genie. I can't lie, I 'remember' it too. But I also distinctly remember the garbage movie Kazaam since I grew up in Orlando, FL and loved Shaq as a kid. So, for me, it's not a conflation of memories. It's the one that sticks out as weird. But again, the mind is full of s***.

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8. A movie called Shazaam, starring the comedian Sinbad as a genie, once existed - but only a handful of people remember it. Okay, bear with us on this one.

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A movie named 'Kazaam' was released in 1996 starring Shaquille O'Neil as a genie. Many believe that people are confusing this movie with the one they claimed starred Sinbad and was called Shazaam. However, many claim that they remember watching both movies and preferring Shazaam as Kazaam was poorly written in comparison and was known for being.

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A popular internet theory holds that actor David Adkins, better known as the comedian Sinbad, played a genie in a popular children’s movie released sometime in the 1990s called Shazaam.

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A poster for the 1996 movie 'Kazaam'Touchstone Pictures. pieces of a memory that "reconstructed" themselves into a false memory of Shazaam when people heard about a supposed-Sinbad genie movie.

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Directed by Paul Michael Glaser. With Shaquille O'Neal, Francis Capra, Ally Walker, James Acheson. A troubled kid inadvertently releases a genie, who must grant him any three wishes he requests.

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Directed by Royce Adkins, Ryan Anthony Martin. With Bradley Bundlie, Jolie Ledford, Sinbad. Somewhere in a parallel universe, Sinbad's long forgotten genie movie is uncovered at long last.

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E.g. a movie with Sinbad where he plays a genie but the closest thing would be Kazaam with Shaq.” David S. was correct, in a 2014 Q&A session , here’s what Sinbad said: Sinbad, there is a large rumor/conspiracy going around that you played a genie in a movie in the 90’s similar to Shaq in Kazaam.

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First, there was a children’s movie called Kazaam (1996) starring Shaquille O’Neal as a genie. Then, some people falsely remember another 1990s film, perhaps a rip-off of Kazaam, called Shazaam, starring the comedian Sinbad as a genie. Although Shazaam never existed, there are hundreds of people online who claim to remember it.

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For instance, there are some people that have a memory of seeing a movie called ‘Shazam,’ starring Sinbad as an irrepressible genie, even after it’s pointed out to them that they’re.

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However, more than a few other ’90s youths remember a second genie comedy being released around the same time, this one called Shazaam and starring Sinbad. The only problem is that movie never.

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Hundreds of people claim to remember a classic ’90s movie starring comedian Sinbad as a wish-granting genie — but the problem is, that movie [remembered as “Shazaam”] never actually.

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I could have sworn I remembered seeing ads of Sinbad in Shazam. I know I watched Kazaam with Shaq and I remember it being like Armageddon and deep impact. Pretty much the same movie but know I didnt see it just ads and thinking it was going to be like Kazaam.

Sinbad plays a genie in shazaam alternate memories

I didn’t remember any genie movie starring Sinbad. So I did a quick search, and the only thing I found was Shazam — a DC Comics character with a new movie coming out in 2019 . What I was actually thinking of turned out to be 1996’s Kazaam , starring Shaquille O’Neal.

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If you were a kid or teenager growing up in the 90s, you might remember a movie called 'Shazaam,' with popular television comedian Sinbad playing the principle role as a genie. As the plot goes, a pre-teen boy and his younger sister find a genie in a lamp and decide to use their three wishes to restore love to their single father's life.

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Kazaam (/ k ə ˈ z æ m /) is a 1996 American musical fantasy comedy film directed by Paul Michael Glaser, written by Christian Ford and Roger Soffer based on a story by Glaser, and starring Shaquille O'Neal as the title character, a 3,000-year-old genie who appears from a magic boombox to grant a 12-year-old boy three wishes.. The film was released on July 17, 1996, grossing $19 million on.

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Sinbad always dressed with incredibly bad fashion sense that kind of portrayed him as "genie like" or the ever adventurous "Sinbad the Sailor" intentionally. There was another movie called "Kazaam!" staring Shaquille O' Neil that came out in 1995 where Shaq played a genie that helped out a lonely boy

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Sinbad’s ’Shazaam’: Inside the Internet’s Conspiracy Theory About a Non-Existent Movie The imaginary film stars Sinbad as a genie who grants wishes to two children. Vikram Murthi

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Some people even believe that Shaq's genie movie, Kazaam, was simply a rip-off of Sinbad's Shazaam. “I remember thinking Shaq’s Kazaam was a rip-off or a revamp of a failed first run, like how the 1991 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer bombed but the late ’90s TV reboot was a sensation,” says Meredith, a woman who remembers seeing both films.

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