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"Something Borrowed" is a predictable interpretation on a love triangle story that's as old as the ages. Girl likes boy, boy likes girl, girls best friend steals boy, boy and girl eventually get together. This movie is suitable for a girls night in with a couple bottles of wine. Being a guy, this movie was actually quite enjoyable.

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As a wedding drama which feels like we've seen it 1,000 times before, Something Borrowed certainly lives up to the 'seen-it-all-before' title. Full Review | Original Score: 1/5.

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But one invitation at a time since Something Borrowed is the clichéd, predictable and exasperating movie under review here. The problem with this one is that of forcing rote characters into tired.

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Check out Something Borrowed (2011) movie review, rating & box Office. Rachel is an attorney at a top New York law firm, a generous friend and still single.After one drink too many at her... .

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Directed by Luke Greenfield. With Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski. Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex, her best friend Darcy's fiancé.

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In his third feature film, director Luke Greenfield takes on the adaptation of Emily Giffin's best-selling chick-lit novel Something Borrowed, and while it will undoubtedly attract fans of both the book and romcom movies, it has little to offer viewers short of a few laughs and incredibly unlikeable characters. Hudson once again plays someone.

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Movie Review | 'Something Borrowed' New Lovers and the Old Triangle. From left, John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield in Luke Greenfield's “Something Borrowed.

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Movie Review. Darcy, Rachel and Ethan are friends with vastly different personalities. In fact, we didn’t know until now that “opposite” could go in three different directions.. Something Borrowed presents what have been described as “flawed characters.” And you won’t have to read very much more before you wholeheartedly agree.

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Movie Review: Something Borrowed. Last night Popsugar had free screenings of the new movie Something Borrowed in six different cities in the US. DC was one of them, and I had the opportunity to attend. The last time I saw a movie in the theater, I was pregnant. I think it was the first Sex in the City movie.

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Movie review: ‘Something Borrowed’ By Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic May 6, 2011. 12 AM. Facebook; Twitter; Show more sharing options; Share Close extra sharing options.

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One of the curious problems with "Something Borrowed" is that Kate Hudson's performance is too effective. She plays Darcy, the lifelong best friend of the heroine, Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin). Blond, rich and headstrong, she always gets her way in their relationship. As the film opens, Darcy is about to be married to Dex (Colin Egglesfield), who Rachel has had a crush on since law school.

Something borrowed movie review

Review: 'Something Borrowed' Is Something Truly Awful. If you thought that “Sex and the City 2” had too much substance, this is the movie for you.

Something borrowed movie review

Something Blue is the follow-up to Something Borrowed. This story is from Darcy's point of view. I loved this book and it is a very quick read. I have to admit I hated Darcy in Something Borrowed and even did at the beginning of Something Blue. I felt that she was finally getting what she deserved when everything started to go down hill for her.

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Something Borrowed Movie Review: Critics Rating: 2.5 stars, click to give your rating/review,If you've seen and savoured Julia Robert's wicked antics in My Best Friend's Wedding, there would be

Something borrowed movie review and ratings by kids

Something Borrowed Rating & Content Info Why is Something Borrowed rated PG-13? Something Borrowed is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for sexual content including dialogue, and some drug material.. Violence: Violent scenes from Fatal Attraction, including attempted drowning, a bloody knife fight and a shot that hits a person and splatters blood all over the wall behind her, are seen on a TV screen.

Something borrowed movie review and ratings by kids

Something Borrowed is a 2005 novel by author Emily Giffin.The novel concerns morals regarding friends and relationships. It addresses the stigma against single white women in their thirties and the pressure that society places on them to get married. "This is a realistic situation that women face in today's society", according to one book review.

Something borrowed movie review and ratings by kids

Something Borrowed is directed by Luke Greenfield, the perpetrator of the god-awful The Animal and The Girl Next Door. I can truthfully say Greenfield has done it again. I can truthfully say.

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Something Borrowed is the story of two best friends Darcy and Rachel. As all best friend This was the first book by Emily Giffin that I read (also her first one), and she immediately became one of my favorite authors.

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Something Borrowed movie reviews & Metacritic score: Rachel is a talented attorney at a top New York law firm, a generous and loyal friend and, unhappily, st...

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Something Borrowed offers good performances, but the plot itself lacks any sort of originality, and everything can be predicted from the start of the movie. Sam E Super Reviewer Mar 07, 2012

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