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"Summer Night" fails to kindle interest for its medley of flagrantly undeveloped characters trapped in bland scenarios over a 24-hour period. Full Review. Top Critic. Frank Scheck Hollywood.

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"Summer's Night" plays like the bastard child of Richard "Slacker" Linklater and Cameron "Singles" Crowe, lashing out, rebelling against its parents by being charmless, humorless and clueless about its own blindness and inadequacies. I was amazed at how writer Jordan Jolliff and director Joseph Cross could get even the littlest things so wrong.

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'Summer Night': Film Review . 12:05 PM PDT 7/11/2019 by Frank Scheck. (the movie was largely filmed in Newnan, Georgia), the story revolves around numerous friends whose lives intersect toward.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream Review. By Rob Blackwelder. I've always seen "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as one of Shakespeare's daffier comedies. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review.

Hot summer nights movie review

Crowd Cover "Summer Night," the directorial debut of Joseph Cross ("The Automatic Hate"), is light, romantic fare. It follows the travails of its mostly white, male protagonists as they figure out their love lives over beers in a small town. The film opens with the bromance of Seth (Ian Nelson) and Jameson (Ellar Coltrane, "Boyhood") as they swim at a local watering hole.

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Dan Simmons' Summer of Night is an engaging and creepy page-turner. The novel follows a small group of friends who are up against a malevolent entity. I enjoyed the characters and the way they came together to battle evil (and save their town). Summer of Night is a satisfying coming of age horror tale.

Hot summer nights movie review 2018 roger ebert

Directed by Joseph Cross. With Justin Chatwin, Analeigh Tipton, Victoria Justice, Lana Condor. A coming-of-age story about the complexities of young romantic relationships.

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Drinking Buddies is a great example of this and that's because it knew what kind of movie it wanted to be. Summer Night was flawed in the sense that it was trying to sell you both ideas with a tone that was constantly switching, and oftentimes deadpan. So overall - 4.5/10, a typical storyline that actually kept me interested.

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Hot Summer Night is a 1957 crime film directed by David Friedkin and starring Leslie Nielsen, Colleen Miller, and Edward Andrews. Plot. Out of work but on his honeymoon, Bill Partain, a newspaper reporter, reads about a bank robbery in Sedalia, Missouri pulled off by notorious criminal Tom Ellis and his gang..

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Hot Summer Nights is unconventionally amusing, spits in the face of its own flaws and somehow manages to impress by atmospherically rendering the emotions tied to the trappings of young adulthood. At it’s best, Hot Summer Nights is an admirable attempt at summertime antics void of a happy ending. Read full review

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I have chosen this indirect way of backing into a look at "Smiles of a Summer Night" (1955), a film that acted as an artistic and professional turning point. He had been directing films since "Torment" in 1944, with uneven results; "Summer with Monika" (1953) had some success, oddly, as soft-core porn, although it didn't qualify.

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It's the last days of summer. Best friends Seth and Jameson are getting ready to perform-and party-at local rock venue The Alamo. But before the night begins, both young men come face- to-face.

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One Summer Night (Korean Movie); 어느 여름날 밤에; In the winter of 2013, Yong-jun and Jae-sung, a member of the Korean People’s Army, are caught having

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Parents need to know that Summer Night is a mature coming-of-age dramedy about a large group of 20-something friends living in a small heartland town. The partying begins almost immediately; half of the movie takes place in bars. Expect nearly nonstop drinking, smoking, and drug use (including both pot and cocaine); the takeaway is that substance use is part of everyday life in your post-high.

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Parents need to know that even though it's about teens, Hot Summer Nights isn't intended for kids. This '90s-set romantic-dramatic thriller stars Timothée Chalamet as a teen who moves to a summer resort town and joins a local bad-boy small-time weed-dealing operation. Expect lots of drug use among teens (plus drinking and smoking), a burst of bloody violence (as well as an offscreen fatal.

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Smiles of a Summer Night - that was the sex comedy's name, adjusted for the grammatical differences between Swedish and English - wasn't just a big hit at home, it was a big hit abroad, competing for the Palme d'Or at the 1956 Cannes International Film Festival, and winning a special prize for "Best Poetic Humor". After nine years and fifteen.

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Summary: It’s the last days of summer. Best friends Seth and Jameson are getting ready to perform—and party—at local rock venue The Alamo. But before the night begins, both young men come face- to-face with serious reality checks: Seth receives life-changing news from his girlfriend Mel, and Jameson has to choose between his on-again-off-again It’s the last days of summer.

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Summer Night 2019, NR, 93 min. Directed by Joseph Cross. Starring Ellar Coltrane, Ian Nelson, Analeigh Tipton, Callan McAuliffe, Ella Hunt, Hayden Szeto, Bill Milner.

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Summer of Night is the first in a series of horror novels by American writer Dan Simmons, published in 1991 by Warner Aspect. It was nominated for a British Fantasy Award in 1992. The subsequent books are Children of the Night (1992), Fires of Eden (1994), and A Winter Haunting (2002). Plot.

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The Last Soul on a Summer Night is a contemporary reinterpretation of the antique narrative with an African American cast and a dash of ecstatic reality. This critically acclaimed adaptation of one of the most highly regarded books in the history of American literature, tells the story, almost in mythical fashion, of lost and lonely souls taken.

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