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"The Beyond" not only used to have another title, but its director used to have another name. First released in 1981 as "Seven Doors of Death," directed by Louis Fuller, it now returns in an "uncut original version" as "The Beyond," directed by Lucio Fulci. Fulci, who died in 1996, was sort of an Italian Hershell Gordon Lewis. Neither name may mean much to you, but both are pronounced.

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BEYOND is a supernatural thriller / police procedural drama, set in Alaska, involving the abduction of a little girl. Said girl happens to have an invisible friend named "Rorie". An expert in missing child cases (Jon Voight- DELIVERANCE) is brought in by the chief of police, who just happens to be the child's uncle.

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Baaghi 3 Movie Review: Critics Rating: 2.5 stars, click to give your rating/review,Director Ahmed Khan throws in every trick in the book to make ‘Baaghi 3’ an action entertainer.

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Beyond The Clouds Movie Review: Critics Rating: 3.5 stars, click to give your rating/review,Majid Majidi's take on redemption is fleshed out by strong performances to make the movie another no

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Beyond is a 2012 psychological thriller-supernatural drama film starring Jon Voight, Teri Polo, and Dermot Mulroney. The film, directed by Josef Rusnak, was shot entirely on location in Anchorage, Alaska. Plot. A detective searching for a missing child is approached by a radio psychic who claims to be able to see visions through the child's.

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Beyond is a 2014 British science fiction romantic drama written and directed by Joseph Baker and Tom Large. It stars Richard J. Danum and Gillian MacGregor as a married couple who attempt to make their relationship work during the approach of a potentially catastrophic asteroid.

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Beyond is a suspenseful sci-fi journey tracking the turbulent relationship of Cole and Maya as they struggle to survive in a world where the human population has been left decimated after an extra.

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Beyond the Edge offers a Kubrickian feel, solid performances from its main duo – Maher in particular carries the bulk of the film with gusto – and even though the pacing languishes more than a bit during the drawn-out midsection, our eventual destination proves worthy of the trip.

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Beyond the various Left Behind flicks, Christian moviemakers rarely venture into the spiritually uncharted territory of action/adventure. But Beyond the Mask fearlessly climbs up on the same stage as National Treasure and Zorro with a story that’s two parts historical fiction, one part romance and one part Sunday school flannelgraph lesson.

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Directed by Hasraf Dulull. With Jane Perry, Nigel Barber, Noeleen Comiskey, Ezra Faroque Khan. After observing an anomaly in space, scientists transplant human brains in to synthetic bodies and send them through the wormhole.

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Directed by Josef Rusnak. With Jon Voight, Teri Polo, Ben Crowley, Chloe Lesslie. A detective teams with a tabloid psychic to track down a missing child.

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Dove Review. Beyond the Vows deals with the aftermath of an adulterous affair and offers its characters the same choice many who find themselves in similar predicaments must choose: Do we follow the path of bitterness, rancor and discord or grace, healing and restoration? The most realistic thing about this movie is that even with the prayers and scriptures recited, it doesn’t present it as.

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Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl movie review: This Janhvi Kapoor starrer makes for an essential watch for reasons that go beyond story or its telling; Pareeksha movie review: This Prakash Jha.

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Movie Review: Can Neither Stay Here, Nor Journey Beyond Shows How Caste Traps The Human Soul What the film captures is the way in which caste, so deeply rooted as an organising principle in Indian.

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Note: This review contains minor spoilers, although nothing that can’t be gleaned from watching the trailers. Star Trek Beyond is a Star Trek movie, although not an especially good one.Although that description might sound self-evident, there was concern within the Star Trek fan base that the selection of Justin “Fast and Furious” Lin might move Beyond too far from its roots.

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Parents need to know that Beyond Beyond is a Scandinavian animated movie, re-voiced for English-speaking audiences. Danish director Esben Toft Jacobsen (The Great Bear) works to combine very serious, mature themes with a fantastical story.The topics are a child's grief at the loss of a parent and the very dire consequences of attempting to upset the natural and fundamental balance of life.

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REVIEW: Director – Herb Freed Starring – John Saxon, Lynda Day George, Michael Dante. Sometimes there is nothing like a good haunted house movie. This subgenre is filled with classics and of course some not so classics. I think it would be safe to say that Beyond Evil falls somewhere in between.

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Star trek beyond is a satisfying conclusion to now a complete trilogy, and to be honest, I thought this was the best one. The characters really shine in this movie as well as the new ones. The action sequences are also really exciting and entertaining.

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THE LAST BEYOND -- Movie Review by Porfle Hazy nostalgia tinged with mysticism lends a warm glow to the leisurely-paced backwoods Prohibition drama THE LAST BEYOND (Indican Pictures, 2019), whose lyrical imagery gives it a simple yet exquisite beauty which is inevitably shattered by violence.

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