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Cummings is an Austin filmmaker, and the best parts of “Thunder Road” have that low-key, character-driven energy that defined the early films of one of the Kings of Austin, Richard Linklater. We come to root for Arnaud. We want him to get his daughter back, and get his shit together, and find happiness.

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Directed by Arthur Ripley. With Robert Mitchum, Gene Barry, Jacques Aubuchon, Keely Smith. A veteran comes home from the Korean War to the mountains and takes over the family moonshining business. He has to battle big-city gangsters who are trying to take over the business and the police who are trying to put him in prison.

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Directed by Jim Cummings. With Jim Cummings, Kendal Farr, Nican Robinson, Jocelyn DeBoer. A police officer faces a personal meltdown following a divorce and the death of his mother.

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Movie Review – Thunder Road (2018) October 12, 2018 by Robert Kojder Leave a Comment. Share 12. Tweet. Reddit. Flip. Pin 1. 13 Shares. Thunder Road, 2018. Written and Directed by Jim Cummings.

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Movie review: Thunder Road . 28 Mar, 2019 6:00am . 2 minutes to read . Scene from the film Thunder Road. By: Dominic Corry. Dominic Corry is an entertainment writer and film critic based in Los.

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Robert Mitchum's 1958 film Thunder Road created a bigger footprint on pop culture consciousness than its box office success suggests. Certainly, in the last quarter of the 20th century the name "Thunder Road" was associated with Bruce Springsteen, who appropriated the title for his 1975 epic, but the bootlegger saga was popular in the South for years, playing drive-ins and midnight movies into.

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The first scene is his mother’s funeral, during which he tries to give a eulogy/tribute performance involving Bruce Springsteen’s hit song “Thunder Road.” It’s real funny, super weird, kinda touching, and all-in-all amazing. “99-Word Movie Reviews” is a new column by Archer Parquette. Check back each week for a new review.

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Thunder Road has received oodles of festival awards, including the Grand Jury Award at SXSW. The film is a singular work. Even though it doesn’t always live up to the promise of its opening sequence, Thunder Road is an exhilarating ride. Read full review

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Thunder Road is a 2018 American comedy-drama microbudget film directed, written by, and starring Jim Cummings, based on his 2016 short film of the same name.Cummings also served as co-editor, composer and visual effects artist. It also stars Kendal Farr, Nican Robinson, Macon Blair, Jocelyn DeBoer, Chelsea Edmunson, Ammie Leonards, and Bill Wise.It won the Grand Jury Award at the 2018 SXSW.

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Thunder Road is a black and white 1958 drama–crime film directed by Arthur Ripley and starring Robert Mitchum, who also produced the film and co-wrote the screenplay.With Don Raye, Mitchum co-wrote the theme song, "The Ballad of Thunder Road."The film features Gene Barry and Jacques Aubuchon.The film's plot concerns running moonshine in the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee in the late 1950s.

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Thunder Road is a one of a kind film and a strong character performance. Jim Cummings has a bright future and I hope he maintains independence from the Hollywood grind.

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Thunder Road is a raw nerve of a film; empathetic and tender towards people who shouldn't be likeable. Full Review | Original Score: 4/5

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Thunder Road is a tour de force turn from its creator, who delivers an unpredictable performance we’ve never quite seen before. Sat in the cinema, too close for comfort, you can’t escape him.

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Thunder Road is an outstanding film and occupies an interesting place in Mitchum's evolution as an actor. It is a compelling and believable look at the moonshine-running culture of the Appalachian Mountains, pitting moonshiners not only against Alcohol, Tax, and Firearms (ATF) agents and state authorities but, as well, against organized crime seeking to control the trade for their own ends.

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Thunder Road review – bittersweet portrayal of law and disorder. daunting task of stretching that queasily hilarious air of distressing character comedy over the course of a 90-minute movie.

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Thunder Road review – clueless cop rages at the world 3 / 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars. There’s plenty of Office-style, cringe-worthy humour in Jim Cummings’ comedy, but it’s hard to care.

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Thunder Road review: the aptly limited perspective of a manic narcissist 3. Save Jim Cummings in Thunder Road. Tim Robey, Film Critic 30 May 2019 • 1:59pm. Follow.

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Thunder Road | Movie review. 27 May 2019. Mersa Auda. Mersa Auda. 27 May 2019. The opening scene of Thunder Road sees a cop performing an awkward speech at his mother’s funeral. This sets the.

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Thunder Road – film review. By. Jonathan Bradshaw - May 20, 2019. 0. Thunder Road (2018) Dir. Jim Cummings Cast: Jim Cummings, Kendal Farr, Nican Robinson, Macon Blair Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes.

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Thunder Road, 2018. Directed by Jim Cummings. Starring Jim Cummings, Kendal Farr, Nican Robinson, Jocelyn DeBoer, Ammie Leonards, Chelsea Edmundson, Macon Blair and Bill Wise. SYNOPSIS: After a.

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