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After reading it, the movie makes so much more sense. The line "who is the victim and who is the hero" completely clicked for me because I felt sorry for "the tethered" at times. Especially when the family was bludgeoning them to death.

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And this week, when Reddit user minecraftplayer48 asked, "What movie ending ruined the whole movie for you?" there were some CHOICES made. there were some CHOICES made. Tap to play or pause GIF

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Breaking down the twists and ending of Jordan Peele's Us.. Us (2019 movie). A Reddit fan theory thread implies that Jason has also been switched with his Tethered self, Pluto, pointing to.

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Dearest reddit, I know we just did this recently, and we had just done it recently before that, but I’m doing it again, if you’re not sick of me yet. This time we’re also making a video out of this AMA, which will go on Netflix's YouTube next week. I’m in a new movie on Netflix called PROJECT POWER. It’s really fucking fun.

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Delving into the mysteries of Jordan Peele's new horror movie Us, including Jeremiah 11:11, The Tethered and Hands Across America.

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Editor’s note: this post contains major spoilers for Jordan Peele’s Us.. Just two years ago, Jordan Peele was best known for his sketch comedy series Key & Peele and his kitten heist movie.

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How the ending of Us reshapes the movie’s ultimate message Decoding the thematic clues of Jordan Peele’s Get Out follow-up By Karen Han @karenyhan Mar 22, 2019, 8:00pm EDT

Jordan peele wants you to know us is 100 a horror movie

If you are reading this story without having seen Jordan Peele's latest film "Us," then you have only yourself to blame.

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If you were among the scores of moviegoers who helped push “Us” to a record-breaking $71.1 million debut over the weekend, then now you know: The real villains in Jordan Peele’s smash horror.

Let s talk about the ending of jordan peele s us nerdist

If you're a bit confused by the final revelation at the ending of Jordan Peele's 'Us', let us explain what it might mean for the movie.

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Jordan Peele wants audiences to pore over his new movie ‘Us,’ and pick apart its many references and Easter eggs. And so Reddit has, coming up with a wild conspiracy theory about Jason and.

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Jordan Peele’s latest horror movie "Us" is a fan-favorite follow up to "Get Out" and is killing it at the box office. Fans are invested in solving the mysteries of the movie and plenty of fan theories have been circulating. Some are more believable than others, but these are the most groundbreaking "Us" fan theories the Internet has to offer.

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Jordan Peele’s “Us” is the most talked about movie right now, with a $70 million opening weekend. Reddit and other places on the internet are blowing up with theories and interpretations of the movie’s more ambiguous aspects. The most popular theory has to do with the son Jason and his doppelganger Pluto.

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One last important bit to know about Us is the recurring motif of a Bible verse, Jeremiah 11:11. It is seen inscribed on a sign held by a homeless person on the beach, and “11:11” is a.

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The ending of Jordan Peele's Us, his latest horror film, is bold, ambitious, and a little tricky to understand. That's where we come in.

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The movie, like creator Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out, is rife with metaphors — only in Us, the allegory is much more ambiguous. That’s partly due to the complicated relationship.

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The opening credits to Jordan Peele's Us is a long shot on a row of cages (11, to be exact) containing a majority white rabbits with a few black and brown in the mix.The camera lingers on this.

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The violent horror movie plot of Us is a warning (or perhaps a prophecy) about what happens when income inequality gets so great that the only way to gain attention is to make a statement.

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Us Movie Ending Explained Trying to Figure Out the Ending of Jordan Peele's Us? Here's an Explanation For Its Final Twist. March 31, 2019 by Mekishana Pierre. 61 Shares

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Us is not an immediately open movie. It intentionally hides its narrative and thematic meanings behind a note-perfect slasher riff, but it's in diving deeper the real and relevant horrors come out. This is a fantasy world of a twilight zone, and yet it's far too real. Next: Us Is A Very Different Film To Get Out

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