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(Us, the new horror film from Jordan Peele, is in theaters now and it’s the kind of movie that demands a conversation. So Jacob Hall and Ben Pearson are here to do that. Let’s unwrap this.

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In the weeks since the movie's release, we've discussed at length the meaning of the rabbits, and Jeremiah 11:11, and "I Got Five On It." Related Stories The 'Us' Rabbits, Explained

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Jordan Peele broke a box office record during opening weekend for his newest horror film, “Us.” The movie centers around an all-American family trying to escape their vengeful doppelgängers. But in true Peele fashion, the film is definitely more than meets the eye. From tons of 80s films like The Goonies and Nightmare on Elm Street to the mysterious messages behind "11:11", Peele brings.

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Jordan Peele's Us is a vast network of references and symbolism.It's a movie that requires multiple viewings and lengthy discussions after each one. In the months since the film's release, we've.

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Jordan Peele's movie Us is finally out, but the ending may leave you with more questions than answers. There's a twist right at the end that you may have seen coming, but still are trying to get.

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Jordan Peele’s new movie, Us, is out in theaters Us’s Jason/Pluto theory, explained and debunked 7 questions about Us that we can’t stop thinking about

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Okay, this story has ALL the Us spoilers. We’re gonna talk about the ending. We’re going to talk about that twist. We’re going to talk about Winston Duke’s boxer-shorts moment.

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Right away, I understood this scene — one of the first in Jordan Peele’s new horror movie, Us — to be a sly nod to the many ways Native culture is misconstrued in mainstream culture. So many.

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So, consider this an obvious spoiler warning, as we dive into what happened to Adelaide and her Tethered doppelgänger Red at the end of the movie. Us opens in 1986, when young Adelaide is at the.

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Spoilers ahead for Us.. For the most part, movies are not puzzles. They may have mysterious aspects that lead to an answer, but if your movie just asking you to “solve” it, then the film dies.

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Swirling in the Us conversation is the idea that Adelaide’s son Jason is a Tether too. He, like his mom, took the place of his human — or so some fans thinks. He, like his mom, took the place.

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The finale of the movie sees Adelaide kill Red to save her son Jason, only for it to be revealed that Red switched places with Adelaide in 1986, meaning the 'real' Adelaide is dead. Universal

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The movie's opening titles told us that there are thousands of miles of tunnels running underneath the US. This presumably is one those tunnels where The Tethered have lived underground all their lives. The climax of the film arrives when Adelaide finds Red, and the two finally face off.

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The mythology of Us provides a cursory explanation of how things unfolded, but they’re not the point of the movie. Instead, we should look at the subtext of the story, and here we find the most.

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The new movie’s conclusion is one elastic metaphor after another. That’s what makes it frustrating.. explained” or “Us’s ending,. who absconds with Adelaide’s son, Jason.

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This Mind-Blowing Theory About The Son From "Us" Will Change The Way You See The Whole Movie. I'm going to watch this again immediately.. on Jason — the young son of the family at the centre.

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Us Ending Explained;. The violent horror movie plot of Us is a. her family and went to the Underworld—or certainly followed white rabbits through the looking glass—to retrieve her son.

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Us Movie Ending Explained An Explanation For That Astonishing Final Twist in Jordan Peele's Us. 22 March, 2019 by Mekishana Pierre.. That is, until she turns to see her son, Jason, staring at.

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Us Movie Ending Explained Trying to Figure Out the Ending of Jordan Peele's Us? Here's an Explanation For Its Final Twist.. That is, until she turns to see her son, Jason, staring at her with a.

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Us Movie Explained: The Tethered, Hands Across America, Jeremiah 11:11, Rabbits, and Fan Theories. We dive into the symbolism, meaning, and theories being debated about Jordan Peele's new horror film.

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