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"From Disney to classic movies, your old VHS tapes can be a great earner with pristine, special edition sets sometimes fetching thousands of dollars. Dust off your old VHS tapes and get listing!" 5

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Aladdin VHS Tape Sleeping Beauty. The classic fairytale of the really tired woman and the annoying prince who rudely woke her up wasn’t Walt Disney’s greatest success, with fairly muted reviews on its release way back in 1959. Re-released under their Animated Classics line-up, the VHS fared far better.

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And here is a listing of what Disney Black Diamond Edition VHS tapes have actually sold for in 2020. All hope is not lost. As we all know, just about everything goes up in value over time, so these Disney VHS tapes may not be worth that much now, but keep them and eventually they will. Additionally, many of these movies are getting remade by.

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And while the movies above are valuable to an extent (ones with a "Walt Disney Classic" label, are worth more) the outrageous price tags aren't the most realistic. Remember, just because something is listed for that price, doesn't mean it'll actually sell for it. So as you peruse the bidding site, make sure to use your best judgement.

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Back in the day, all VHS tapes used to be sold in basic looking cardboard sleeves, but not Disney Movies. READ ALSO: Your Old Pokémon Cards Can Be Worth $5000. Disney movies came in the big white boxes wrapped in colorful covers that opened up like a book, and these days they can be worth a lot of money. @alee.leos embedded via

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Cinderella is one of the most epic movies that was made by Disney. This one is a huge money maker and considering it boosted Disney's fame in the '50s, it is worth a ton of money. If you are lucky enough to have this movie on VHS, you might want to dig it out of the closet because it is now worth $5,600.

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Definition of "Black Diamond" Disney VHS. In many listings for used VHS Disney movies on eBay, you will see a description for a "Black Diamond" title. Rumors have spread over the years that the "Black Diamond" Disney VHS value is worth hundreds or thousands, but those numbers are more of an urban legend.

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Disney is known for their animated classics. You can't even talk about animated movies without bringing up Disney hits such as Snow White, Cinderella, and even the more modern movies like The Lion King. Even to this day, Disney keeps churning out amazing animated hits, as well as turning their old hits into new, remakes using CGI.

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Disney released Black Diamond Editions of several of its beloved animated classics, and those re-releases themselves are worth a pretty penny. So let’s focus in on the most valuable Disney VHS tapes that are worth a fortune today. 25 101 Dalmatians

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For a more accurate idea of what Disney VHS tapes could be worth, we filtered the site for 'sold listings.'In our search, most of the sold listings were in the $5 to $25 range (or slightly higher.

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Forget those VHS Disney movies, or “Black Diamond” tapes, released between 1984 and 1994 that are purported to be selling for thousands: They aren’t actually anywhere near that valuable.

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However, it's not just any old Disney VHS tape. According to eBay, Disney's "Black Diamond Collection" is valuable. These films were released between 1984 to 1994 and have the black diamond on the case or on the tape. The tapes could be worth anywhere from $50 to $250. Another logo to watch for is "A Walt Disney Classic" on the tapes.

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In 1981, Disney introduced the world to an undying friendship between two different species. The Fox and the Hound follows the story of a fox, Todd, and a hound-dog, Copper, who are supposed to be mortal enemies, given their nature but form an unusual bond that stands the test of time.. RELATED: 10 Richest Ex-Disney Stars The movie was a rare success given Disney's luck at the time with.

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In fact, I would venture a bet that if you or your family had more than two Disney VHS tapes during the ’90s, at least one of them was of the (insert ominous music) “Black Diamond” variety.

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Multiple blogs have claimed that "Black Diamond Collection" Disney films on VHS are worth thousands of dollars, but the tapes are not rare nor selling for nearly that much. Kim LaCapria Published.

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Over 7,300 Disney VHS tapes (or tape sets) have been sold on ebay. Of those 7,300 transactions, about 25 of them sold for over $500.00. Of those 7,300 transactions, 250 of them sold for over $50.00.

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Sadly, something that seemed so familiar at the time has now become completely obsolete. But, thanks to collectors, the dusty old VHS tapes in your basement could now make you a small fortune! If you have any of the movies below, be sure to put them up for sale on Ebay right away! 1. E.T. (1982) Estimated Worth $230

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Surprisingly enough, the top one on the list is one of the cutest movies ever made. According to the Gamer.com, the most valuable of the “Black Diamond Collection” is “101 Dalmatians” worth approximately $6,000! I mean, obviously, there is a huge value for VHS tapes since they are no longer produced, but $6,000 is so crazy!

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That doesn’t mean that there aren’t actually rare Disney VHS movies. There are! Like anything collectible, it varies based on supply and demand. Movies that were released and changed right away (either cover art or the movie editing to add or remove scenes, music, etc.) can make them much more limited, and therefore much more valuable.

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These are the Disney films on VHS that are worth a surprising amount.. Now there is Sky movies on demand, Cbeebies, play and pause TV and apps, there is no waiting about for today's kids.

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